Meet Janay

Motivational Speaker + Hair & Skin Care Coach

The first thing I want you to know is that I’m not just one thing. Dearest to my heart is my family, my husband of almost 14 years and my daughter and son. We all live in Texas where I do all the things from home. The kids attend a collaborative model school so I’m a part time homeschooler. As a motivational speaker, I travel locally and nationally to events, retreats and conferences to encourage, speak truth, and share the wisdom I’ve gained from God. From day to day, I share hair and skin care products as an affiliate because they have been so effective for me while also being safe.
I coach others that are affiliates and offer the kind of customer service I love to my clients. When I’m not doing any of those things I’m recording my podcast, reading books, watching movies, and working out!

The after says it all

Dry, brittle hair and broken out skin was my norm for decades. Now, my hair and skin are at their best in my 40s and that’s because of the Monat products I use consistently. Helping others capture the confidence I’ve gained is one of my on going goals. I’d love to help you too. Click the link below to take a quick 2 min quiz for a customized recommendation.