Meet The Girl Behind Jane Dottie

Jane Dottie was created in 2019 by Tatyana Zhane. She was raised by an extremely hard working single mother in Anaheim, California. All while growing up she admired her mothers strength and style. From childhood she had a strong desire to promote the welfare of others.

She created JD in efforts to combat fast fashion and bring quality sustainable styles to her community all while giving back to women in need. She aims to create a platform that not only involves all things eco friendly but all things women empowerment as well and take small steps in changing the world.

Meet The Girl Behind Jane Dottie

Our Mission

We offer handpicked sustainable styles and provide high quality vintage apparel as a conscious alternative to the environmentally destructive fashion industry. What we stand for is what we stand on.

The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world. By offering sustainable styles we intend to conserve water, avoid all types of pollution, and try our best to help combat climate change.

We say NO to single use and YES to second hand. Each garment is pre-loved and selected by hand with tender loving care, ensuring only the best vintage pieces leave our hands (and hearts) into yours.

Every style sourced was influenced by all of the powerful women that has impacted our lives.

We love bold and thoughtful styles with an emphasis on everyday wearability and timelessness. Every garment should be able to be worn from day to night, work to happy hour, and date night to girls night.

We promise to donate a portion of our proceeds to help women in need.

Each Quarter we choose an organization that honestly helps and supports women of our community.

We strongly believe in helping those in need and would rather give back than make a profit.

Our Mission