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Montessori Entryway (for limited spaces)

✨How to set up a Montessori entryway (w/ limited space)✨

As the cold weather approaches, getting out of the door with my little one can be one of the most stressful parts of my day. Especially if we’re in a rush, I end up running in and out of the house trying to look for his toque, scarf, or that other pair of mitten.

Since adding an entryway station to Jackson’s prepared environment, it has become a part of our routine when leaving and coming home. Although he still needs assistance in putting things on, I cannot stress enough how it immensely helped us in getting out the door in a peaceful and timely manner.

Due to limited space, I am thankful to @sapienschild for giving us this compact and practical Montessori coat & shoe rack. It features:
▫️adjustable hooks to hang coats
▫️a designated spot for shoes/boots
▫️a place for him to sit while I assist in putting on his shoes

To complement the look, we added a low mirror and a basket for weather-specific accessories. The goal of this space is to promote independence and of course, to keep our home clean!

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Montessori Wardrobe & Shelf

👕Have you heard of Montessori wardrobes?👖

A big part of the Montessori Method is allowing your child to be independent, so I knew that I wanted to have my child’s clothes and outfits on display so that they are easily accessible to him.

@woodjoycollection was kind enough to gift us this beautiful Montessori Wardrobe with a matching shelf that not only fits the room perfectly but also fits his style.

Getting him to dress up definitely takes longer but the look on his face when he is able to accomplish simple tasks like choosing his own outfit is priceless!🥰


3-in-1 Learning Tower

Do you have an eager littler helper in your household? Well, I do!

Having my little one next to me in the kitchen is part of my parenting practice and I love involving him in whatever I am doing. We limit his time for now because he is still small but start ‘em young. Am I right?👨🏻‍🍳


Pikler Triangle Set

Ta-da! WOOD you just look at that?!😍

Received this pikler triangle set from Wood and Hearts and we’re beyond impressed with the craftsmanship of their product!

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Top Picks


Let me help you find products that Jackson and I enjoy!🤎

nununu clothing

Lollipop Baby Camera

We’ve had the baby camera for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is that I wish I found it sooner! Unlike other baby monitors, it looks like it actually fits in a nursery and not like some creepy camera. Apart from it’s design, what we absolutely love about it are its:

▫️Mounting versatility
▫️Image/video quality
▫️True crying detection and alerts
▫️Background audio feature
▫️Built-in sound machine

If you are looking for a quality camera to watch your little one that gives you a lot of features without breaking the bank, I highly recommend this one!

Balance Board

Exploring the world of endless possibilities!

We absolutely love observing Jackson utilizing his imagination as he plays with this curvyboard kindly sent by @wooden.balance. It becomes a slide, a step stool, a bridge, a tunnel, a seesaw, and a whole lot more! They offer 3 different sizes and a wide range of colours of wool felt. What a fun addition to our playroom!

Handmade Macrame Baby Swing

Jackson was so happy and excited to receive this handmade macrame baby swing as a gift from SN Handicrafts. The materials look and feel of premium quality. Oh and did I mention that the delivery of this item only took a couple of days when it came all the way from India?!

So please, do not just take my word for it and visit their Etsy shop and put any of my claims to a test and let me know if you agree.

Human Anatomy Wooden Puzzle

This puzzle is a great tool for learning as it can be used for open-ended interactive play. Point out the parts to your child, assemble together or let them explore the pieces themselves. It is such a fun and exciting way to introduce the basic human anatomy to your little ones.🧠

World Map Wooden Puzzle

This puzzle by Tromigou came all the way from Moldova. It is designed to expand the child's sensory perception, develop spatial thinking and logic, train the motor skills of the hands, patience and determination.

Handmade from wood and hand painted with the acrylic paints and varnish. It is 100% biodegradable. The set includes a cotton storage bag.

Dimensions: 20*30cm (7.8*11.8 in)

Bebefit Light Foldable Hip-Seat

Life can be complicated. Carrying your baby shouldn’t have to be!

The Bebefit Light Hip-Seat carrier is such a treat! It’s so lightweight that it makes it easier to carry a growing baby with you. Trying to get all the snuggles in since this little cub is growing so fast!

Peachly Minimalist Baby Memory Book

I have a confession. I love taking photos but I am terrible at remembering things. As a matter of fact, I don’t know which moments I’ll remember forever and which ones will be forgotten next week.

So start writing down the memories before they slowly slip away with this easy to fill out memory book!

Bebamour Baby Carrier

Parenthood can be a pain — in the back, shoulders, and neck if you know what I mean. But with this carrier, we took this little bub on a mini hike for more than an hour and there was absolutely no stress or pressure on my back!

Avanchy Bamboo Suction Baby Bowl + Spoon

A sturdy and smooth bowl that is the perfect size for a baby meal. The suction is great and have no complaints. Love how it grows with your baby which makes it worth while. I just ordered the plate too because we love it so much!

Looking for the perfect travel stroller?

Graco Pace 2.0 Stroller - Perkins

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