Meet me!


Hey! I’m Janelle Llamoso @janelle.abby 🥰 Soon after dropping out of college I decided that I want to dedicate my life to finding my freedom and personal fulfillment. My first year of college was an eye opening experience to me as I realized that the education system didn’t leave me feeling better prepared for life but depressed and more importantly, scared. After dropping out of college. I started working at Dunkin’ from 6am-2pm or 4am-2pm Monday through Saturday and some days they would send me to different Dunkin’s to cover for somebody and would work a double shift on those days. I didn’t really make much money.

But now that I am on my journey discovering who I am and finding a way what really makes me happy. Also, finding interest in the beauty industry. I was approached by a group of ambitious and successful women who wanted to help me achieve my goals, help other women become successful creating a HUGE group of women who are all striving for BETTER. I am now able to make extra cash if it weren’t for them.

Now I want to help you become your own boss and feel beautiful in your own hair and skin! Through self exploration and self employment I’ve begin to find myself. I could work anywhere and anytime I want! I can still work at Dunkin’ and work for Monat at the same time! If I could do it! Then you can totally do it too! I believe in you! Join me and grow into a 6 figure INDEPENDENT business women and be your OWN boss!


Stop making your boss rich

If you’re looking to make an extra income from your social media or be your own boss, then this is for you! All you need is a phone, WiFi, social media, and an attitude of a hustler DM me to schedule an interview.


Treat yourself to good skin & hair

Monat is revolutionary skin care & hair care that can improve any skin type or hair type with non-harmful, natural ingredients. It’s skin & hair products for any age, race or gender. Monat is modern technology mixed with natural ingredients to create unprecedented results from the hair care industry. I can help you customize your own regimen that works best for you! With a guaranteed 30 day money back.