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My name is Janessa and i work full time in a call center. Working 40 hours a week and still living paycheck to paycheck with my husband. I want to travel more and spend more time with family. And not stress about money anymore. I started this business so I can make an extra $500 a month to pay off debt, save money & to finally stop living paycheck to paycheck so I can start a family with my husband soon🙏🏼 & when that time comes I can be all set with this business.
What I didn’t realize I was gaining along with a paycheck is an amazing, supportive & loving group of friends🥰 this business is changing my life not only with the paycheck but also my mindset & my lifestyle.
I’ve prayed for so long for something to change in my life so I could achieve my goals & here it is!! I took the leap of faith & joined my friend on this journey & now it’s your turn to take the leap & join us too✨🤍 you never know if you won’t try!!
Swipe to fill out the application if you’re ready to make a change & you are ready to give it your all into succeeding because I know together WE CAN🙌🏼

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