Janett Malzent

Originally made in Burma.

Love expressing feelings and knowledge through words. Teen writer and a language teacher as profession.

Want to write more and more fictions about people and fantasies.

The Taste of Words

What is the taste of words? It lies between the sentences which can penetrate through your mind to your heart. And then leaving the feelings behind after reading. That is the art of writing. The words, they shape the whole story. They make the scene clearer. And make the plot juicy.

Writers do cry too.

Humans, the same. Writers have feelings too. They do cry when hurt. But unlikely, they cry onto paper. Rather than crying tears, words are replaced. Hurting words, gloomy words as painful as tears, they cry. Then, the stories are made from these words or tears which are read for years. Whenever a writer cry, a new story is born on earth.




When you get a life, it's easy to live it. But the most difficult part is surviving it. Not only you, everyone is trying to survive it in their own ways.
So challenge yourself while young. See how far you can go, how high you can fly. You might face thunders, rain clouds, lightnings, and storms. Be prepared for them. After those rough and tough journeys, there are sunny days with fluffy clouds and sunshine waiting for you.
No matter how hard the life becomes, try to accept the reality and try to be the real you.

Always remember my quote
"You are you,
You were born to be you.
No one can be you and
There will always be you for yourself during difficult times."

Never give up! Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes can only correct you.
Think about it, everything is temporary. You ain't always losing! There is a place for you, a time for you to celebrate in this mighty world. But sitting and doing nothing won't help you find your place. So get up, be prepared and......face any challenges and show the people who have pulled you down. Prove them wrong😉💪