Poet, writer, wife, daughter, sister, cat mom

I have written poetry and short stories since I first learned how to write. I have recited my poetry Infront of thousands of people live, the largest gathering being 3000.
I was first published at age 17 in by the Poetry Institute of South Africa in an anthology of verse called Nocturnal Nuances.
My poetry is related to personal emotions, events in my own life and used as a coping mechanism and a catalyst for opening conversations with those who have a need to speak out.
I have some of my poetry tattooed on myself because it starts a conversation which leads to the open flow of free speech.
I am flawed, gracious, humble, and ever growing, learning and blooming. Please enjoy my poetry. My first full book of published verse will be out early 2021, God willing

People Vs. Humanity

By Janine Boucher

A penny for your thoughts?
Or a penny for my time.
I'll write the beats down,
Charging a dime.
A dime for every stupid question,
A fool doth ask.
It's covid 19 baby - wear that mask.

I'm tripping on my shadow (yet again),
I'm no fairy princess but the dragons been slain.
Damn, I love humanity...
But people just won't quit.
It's dog eats dog
When it's a battle of wits.

I brought a knife to the gunshow,
It's sharper than a sword.
I'll punch you down lyrically
With my written word.

Pay me a penny for my thoughts,
And you'll go broke.
Because baby you're not that special,
Or 'woke'.

I'll tell you 20 different stories
Before breakfast time.
I've got my mind on the money, honey;
But you don't get a dime.

Tripping on my shadow,
This ain't no walk in the park.
Spit it out honey,
or are you no bite but all bark.

I've walked the hard line
One too many times.
I've got no skin left on these knees of mine.
A penny for your thought? Or a penny for my time,
These words ain't cheap and yours are 1.99.

Diamonds in my eyes,
And broken shoes.
I'll rap about your mother,
Whilst you sing the blues.

Bring on the humanity,
If humanity is where it's at.
But honey remember,
You are what you attract.

This City

By Janine Boucher

This city is drizzled in memories,
I'm not soon to forget.
One day bleeds into the the next,
And I'm caught in this net.

I'm tasting blood again,
Because my problems punched me in the face.
I'm slipping down again,
Because my drinks been laced.

This city is drizzled in memories,
I hope to soon forget.
Take me to picture perfect Rome,
A flight I won't regret.

I faced my fears that day,
With my boxing gloves on.
It's a monkies wedding they say,
Rain but the sun shone.

You have to get the mixture right,
In this struggle called life.
It's 2 grams up and a quarter hype.

Turn the music up louder,
It gets the crowd going.
Apparently I'm running now
Without even knowing.
I'm in the ring again,
About to fight.
I raise my white flag,
As this poem I write.
It's 4 grams up and 18 down,
Memories and regrets,
Get me out of this town.

The bell rings, I won, blow by blow.
Bruised but not bent,
I'm going with the flow.

This city is drizzled in victories
I myself never won.
I'm not leaving now, honey..
I'm having too much fun.

I am

By Janine Boucher

I don't know who I am
But I can tell you who I am not.
I am not my father's daughter,
I am not the mistake.
I am not the child raised,
To make babies, and have a house at the lake.
I am not the girl with the broken heart,
That you left bleeding on the floor.
I am not the one clinging to your coat,
As you rush out the door.
I am not the names you called me,
In your drunken stupor that night.
I am not your obsession,
And I'm not your "right".
I am not the heavy burdens I carry,
On these shoulders of mine.
I am not the salty years I shed,
Over a tall glass of wine.
I am not the girl at the bar,
Being stood up.
I am not the victim in this story,
Hang on tight, it's about to go awry.
I am not the little girl
That you left when you were high,
Or the one you beat, until she cried.
I am not the broken promises,
You always made.
I am not collateral damage, or the grenade.
I am not the one night stand,
Or the scar on the left hand.
I am not that failed attempt,
Broken dreams, can't pay the rent.
I am not sure who I am,
But I know who I am not.
He died for me,
He tied the knot.
I am my Father's daughter.
I am in the shadow of His wings.
I have no voice,
But this prose I will sing.
Nothing in my past,
Makes me who I am.
Because You saved me,
Like only You can.

I. Am. Saved.

Sun, stand still

By Janine Boucher

Sitting at rock bottom, staring up.
Feeling a little tipsy, from an empty cup.
Dreams bigger than the room I'm in ,
Debts deeper than my greatest sin.

You said You'd fight for me,
Enlarge my territory.
You said You'd have my back,
That I'd never know any lack.

So I stand up now, ready to fight for what's mine.
You promised me the world,
I want to be more than just fine.

Put on your armour, dear child.
Today this land is yours.
Keep your face to the sunshine,
I'm opening new doors.

We are safe in the shadows of Your gigantic wings,
You whisper to me sweeter than the sparrow sings.

In my deepest anguish,
These Scarlet ropes around my wrists,
I asked God why, as I raised my fists.
Don't fear my child.
I am right here.
Sun stand still,
Your moment is here.

Get up out of the ashes,
I've received my 49 lashes.
The sun stood still,
I conquered my fears,
I see my army on the hill,
And my cup is filled with tears.

I won't forget being at the bottom.
I won't forget the pain.
I have the tattoo on my neck,
I have scars to keep me sane.

3 words. 3 nails. 1 cross. 1000 fails.

Rock bottom is mine and I'm renting it out for a dime. Goodbye scarlet ropes, goodbye struggling to cope.

I have come. I have arrived.
Sun, stand still because I have survived.