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About me

Hi I’m jannae hellgren I’m 20 years old. I live with my grandpa at the moment. I’m a helpful person I try to help as much as I can. Im a lover not a fighter but what I say is I’ll fight for what I love. I’m a animal whisper me and any animal really just gets along, as well as babys to elderly. Im a straight up person that’s why most people love or hate me, I would rather give it to you straight then lie. I lost my father a couple years back it’s been really hard cause I’m a daddy’s girl but I’m a strong independent woman that can do anything if I put my mind to it, my daddy would want me to stay happy. In my opinion no one should stay stuck on the dead when the living is still breathing! Most people put me in the happy outgoing crazy category and myself would agree.

I’m so excited about starting the business and be able to work anywhere as long as I have wifi/data. These past years have been hard on me and this is going to be a nice change of life, I’m actually excited to get on with my day. I’m thankful to be apart of this community and I’m so ready to help others with there hair and skin needs!❤️ This is my chance to build my life and I’m only 20 years old that’s crazy. This is a good thing for me because I’m a people person I love to talk and interact with others very social butterfly 🦋. I struggle with oily hair and skin but monat products really do help with that, as well as dry hair/skin or dry/oily skin/hair.

I enjoy pretty much doing anything I’m a very outdoorsy person, adrenaline junkie forsure. I love the thrill of life yolo- you only live once, make everyday count! I’m a hippy per say, I really don’t care what people has to think or say about me that’s fine I go on with my life. I get along with pretty much everyone unless they can’t handle all my energy, I have lots of love to go around. My energy is very positive I really do not like being around negative things/people just kills the mood tbh. I have kitty cats I love them to death but recently I’m separated from them, but not for long. Im just a very happy a lot of craziness here but we’ll have fun definitely! Love rollerblades, roller coasters, dirtbikes, walking/jogging, working out, hanging out, swimming, etc, I love to have fun and be out doors!

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