About Me

Journey of healing

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I am a medical student embarked on a journey of self love and discovery after being diagnosed with severe depression for the past several years. My means of relaxing and de-stressing is by cooking and baking, which allows me to enter a state of peace of mind.

I often get asked why I cook and bake so much. The simple answer is because it’s my hobby. And I need to indulge in my hobby to heal myself from depression.

I love how I can after a tough day of low mood enter the kitchen and focus all of my stress and depression into creating something beautiful, recipes, that I can share with the world to help inspire them in some way.

I wish to raise awareness about depression while I share my recipes that came to life due to my depression.
Raising awareness could very much save a life out there.

So feel free to follow me on this journey of self love and realization, while we cook delicious food in my dorms fancy kitchen all the while we raise awareness about depression! ❤️

There will be free dessert! 😍🤤

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