Hi! I’m Jaqueline

I love to travel , capture moments in photos and,help others grow.

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My Journey

When you live with a chronic illness, you just kind to learn to accept that some things are just the way that they are and they can’t be changed. In 2017, that’s where I was at with my hair.

Due to my incredibly inconsistent and wild hormone levels, thyroid imbalance and just stress levels within my body, my hair was the worst it had ever been. It was falling out in clumps, it was so thin, dry and brittle and to make it even worse, I had very heavy extensions sewn onto the tiniest bits of hair because I was so embarrassed of how I looked without them that I didn’t care that my tracks were showing!

This year marks four years using Monat products and will be three years selling the products. I have helped many fall in love with their hair, their skin, themselves as a whole. And my hair, well it’s never looked better than it does and it keeps getting better even after years of use!

The best part of working as a market partner is knowing that I help to build women and men up, that I get to love on people and call that my job! I have seen some of my best friends grow so much into these hard working, dedicated, fully in love with themselves women and it makes me so happy!

The Self Love Club

When I first started building a team, I didn’t really know what direction I was supposed to go, I didn’t know how I was supposed to lead others to success when ultimately, we choose to show up for ourselves and nobody can make us do that.

It took me a while to realize that my role is to help you to gain an even deeper, more beautiful and positive connection with yourself. To me, it’s so important to take time for ourselves, to read, to learn, to grow. I want to help you keep promises to yourself, to build up your confidence, to help others do the same.

While our compensation plan is unmatched with over 10 different ways to earn money, like real money, not just for products, there is so much more to this business than you could imagine.

If you’re looking for community, if you’re looking to show up for yourself in new ways, or if you just want to develop some tools to help push yourself outside of your comfort zone to achieve growth... then join the Self Love Club. You’re always welcome ♥️