You are the greatest project you will ever work on!

Are you craving more freedom, flexibility, travel, income, community or just know you’re meant for more?

Did you know that you don’t have to be an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers to make money online?

Hi there👋🏼 my name is Jasmine and I am just a regular girl who noticed that OTHER regular girls were finding freedom online. And I wanted in.

Here’s the truth: it’s 2020, and if you are not creating an online business as an additional source of income, you’re doing yourself a HUGE disservice. There is SO much opportunity online!

Prior to working online, I tried doing things the way “you’re supposed to”.

I went to college to pursue a bachelors in chemical engineering right after high school in hopes of finding success. While envisioning my future, i didn’t picture myself happy or fulfilled, so i went against the norm and quit, despite my own fear of the unknown for my future, & the thoughts and judgements of others.

Eventually, I moved from my hometown in Iowa, to Georgia & decided to acquire my cosmetics licensing since i had a passion for the beauty industry. While still struggling to find what I wanted to pursue, career wise, I decided to move to California, so some soul searching & become a full time nanny. Hoping to find my next move.

I found this company & my life changed. I can work anywhere right from my phone/laptop, earn a second stream of income & control it, am paid to travel, work with an amazing & supportive team of men & women I am blessed to call my friends, & will soon be driving a paid for company luxury car. All while nannying 2 babies full time!

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that this opportunity fell into my lap.

And I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that you ended up here today. And if you’re still reading - I think there’s a reason for that.
Whatever your reason is, here is what I have to offer you:

The opportunity to make an income right from your phone, working in the beauty industry. A business for my dreamers and go-getters. For those who won’t be happy just following the status quo. For those who crave more out of life. More time freedom, more income, more of a sense of belonging or recognition for your achievements. For those who dream of living life on their own terms and experience EVERYTHING this world has to offer.

I’m looking for a very specific person to mentor. No experience required. BUT, MUST BE: ambitious, hardworking, and ready to learn.

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to change your life, shoot me a DM or fill out my application to see if we would be a good fit for each other.