About Me

Hey it’s me, Jasmin Ferris

I am a conscious aware mumma to 3 gorgeous little humans, but I wasn’t always that way. Through my own parenting journey and experiences I have found a passion for helping other mummas.

I love to empower and uplift other beautiful women in being able to show up for their babies in conscious love so that they can thrive.

Our babies are our future, our hearts so let’s work together to make them feel as emotionally comfortable as they can be in today’s society.


Through our own challenges we are able to
See our children for who they really are. Once we let go of our own and the societal expectations of how ‘we think’ our children should be, it is then and only then that our beautiful children can thrive.

Mumma are you willing to step into a space where you can grow and evolve alongside your children? They grow so quick, they have so many different stages throughout their lives. Are you stuck in a certain stage? Do you need guidance and love to help push you through? Join my NURTURE online immersion space. It is where you will be seen, heard & loved on with no judgement placed upon you. It is a place to really dive deep into the topics that may be pressing and hard to conquer your own.

It is filed with mother sisters, just like you and me, feeling the same way, going through similar challenges. I would love to connect with you my beautiful sister ❤️

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