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My name is Jass, I am a wife to an amazing husband. Mum to two sweet little girls, Pearl and Rose. By profession I am a critical care RN and an entrepreneur. I love to uplift others sprit by helping them feel comfortable in their own skin. I love to take care of everyone and everything around me.

My journey with Monat started with me suffering from post partum hair loss. I tried a lot of things and everything just gave me temporary results. When I came across Monat, I was skeptical and I REFUSED to try on the products for a long time. Then finally, I decided to give a fair try to Monat products, which were labeled as “Number 1 premium luxury hair care in the world”. It’s quit a big statement on its own. I was shocked with my results and the above written statement actually stood to its words. Thus, my healthy hair journey started and it’s still going strong after 1 year.

Now these vegan products are for everyone in my family!

My husband has suffered from acne on his scalp; My daughter Pearl, is Gluten sensitive. Gluten sensitivity caused her skin to become very inflamed, red, itchy and hard to treat. It was very hard to find the products that were gluten free and vegan. I am so THANKFUL for these products that they helped my husband’s scalp and Pearl’s skin as well.
Please know that Monat products helped with symptom management of Pearl’s and her Dad’s skin.

Now, with all the different ways Monat has helped us, it was my responsibility to help others as well. I loved the products and there was an opportunity to assist others while making an income from my phone. Now, its been one year and I continue to proudly working as an Independent Market Partner and I am building my own team.

Now, if you are looking to make an switch to these vegan products then you got two options:
1. Try these amazing products and enjoy our VIP program.
2. Join my team and lets make an income while making an impact!. Ofcourse you will get even better discount.

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