Radical Rebirth

Untangling the Mess of You to Bring Out the Best of You

Beginning June 28!
I feel you, darling.
You're spinning your wheels, everything is triggering the hell out of you but you have to remain calm. Your friends and you family feel so far away and you wonder how they're able to carry on in this world of mundane duality. Your anxiety is constantly on high, your nailbeds are bloodied from wracking your nerves, and your health feels like its fallen by the wayside.
During this FREE 5 Day Online Retreat, you will learn about healing and even experience a deeply healing session.
When you RSVP to this event, you will receive a guided MP3 hypnosis for you to download and listen to on demand as well as a follow along guide to tap into your unconscious mind and make the healing shifts that need to happen in order for you to flourish.
Take this time to think about you for just a moment, gorgeous divine one.
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My mission in this world is to usher in this new healed world. I am here to facilitate and hold space for those who are ready to make the shift out of victimhood.

Radical Rebirth - 5 Day Retreat

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My Must-Haves

Trustworthy Products from Trustworthy Friends

These are products I use and trust from people I adore and trust.

*disclaimer: I may or may not receive commissions from purchases. I am not an affiliate with the companies*

Non-Toxic Home

Chelsea Dagen is US based activist passionate about removing dangerous chemicals from her life and teaching about the benefits of non-toxic homes. From laundry soap to sunscreen. As a mom of extremely active triplets, she can’t be everywhere at all times. It makes sense to keep chemicals out of the home for so many reasons. These are the only products I’ll use to keep my home clean and family healthy.

Weight Management & Fat Release

I was going through a really rough spout of binge eating disorder(my go to comfort method) after losing our pregnancy in October 2020 when my friend, Katy Jaschek, reached out asking if I was ok. Though I never opened up about it, she had noticed my body changes through my posts and my body language gave my facade away. She helped me get on track and is coaching me through my weight release journey. Katy is seriously one of the kindest humans on the planet and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around this precious soul.

Clean Make-Up

I reached out to Amber Brown-Short on recommendation through a friend, she understood my desire to want to feel beautiful and play with cosmetics but not add toxins and heavy metals to my body. Did you know that, through make-up alone, women absorb 5lbs or more of toxic chemicals and heavy metals per year? …we store these in our reproductive organs, breast tissue, lymphatic system, fat cells, and brain. Amber went through EACH ingredient in her cosmetic line to make sure that I would get EXACTLY what I wanted, clean make-up and a fun look.

Radical Rebirth

I’ve been where you are, sweet friend. That sickening feeling of not being enough doesn’t have to last. Allow me to hold space for you.