work at home mom aiming to simplify life and share

I am a work at home mom who has no clue what I'm doing. 😆 Parenting is HARD!

I love finding community with other moms/parents who are in a similar season. Finding community makes the task of motherhood and adulthood easier. We can be real about the good, bad, and ugly while making friends to share it with. I want this space to be one where moms come together! I share tips and tricks I learn along my journey being a new mom and homemaker that have made my life a little simpler.

I love simplicity in all that I do. I get overwhelmed pretty easily (PPA didn't help that), so the more I can simplify, the better. Especially with a growing family.

I found a simple makeup routine that makes me feel beautiful and confident in a way I never thought I would feel again postpartum. I love sharing it with any and everyone because I know you will love it too.

I am always trying to simplify my housekeeping work. The index card system I use has been amazing in helping me get things under control.

I hate cooking, but I know I need to cook healthy. I am keeping my eye out for yummy recipes that aren't bad for me and my family!

My husband and I are trying to simplify our finances as well. We will share what we learn and try as we go!

There are so many things you have to figure out when you get thrown into adulthood and parenthood. We are trying to figure it out and keep life as simple as possible.

I love learning from others, so let's power through this journey together!