My road to financial freedom

Why I chose to start my own business

I’m a young 21 year old who decided college was not going to be in the picture for my life. I felt that there was something better for me outside of going to school.

For a couple of years I jumped from job to job while trying to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take my life. I currently work full time with this business and I enjoy being in nature in my free time.

After a long time of feeling like I wasn’t ever going to find something to give my extra time in to, I came across this business from a girl who is now my mentor!

I had been watching her for a while and thought that I could totally do exactly what she’s doing. I wanted to make the extra income, I wanted to go on the vacations, I wanted to live my best life and this looked like an open door to financial freedom.

I’m beyond grateful for this company and all that it’s already done for my husband and I. I can’t wait to grow my business and continue to form the life of my dreams.

Music, quizzes, work with me 👉🏼