Jayla Hoagland

Hey loves,
My name is Jayla Hoagland I was born and raised in Va. Something that I love to do ever since I was younger is dance! I’m currently attending NOVA, community college and working at Starbucks. I recently had something in my life happen that was life changing, which caused me to move an hour away from where I was originally living. Since the move I feel at peace, everything is different and it’s time for a fresh new start. Working at Starbucks is great and all but since the move I felt like I needed something more. I would always see different women on Instagram posting about their different businesses and it always caught my eye but in the back of my head I always thought “what if it’s not real?” One of the reasons I decided to join this business is because I actually know my mentor’s sister personally, so the trust was there. Not only that but after speaking to my mentor, being in a group chat filled with other women who have the same goals and want more not only for themselves but for you as well.. I knew this is where I belonged. I love waking up to Goodmorning and motivational text, makes you want to get up and achieve everything you ever wanted to do in life! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and I would love to bring that out of everyone. That’s why I’m here to offer the same opportunity I was given! To help others grow, and make their dreams come true.