This is about how jayla and ebony became best friends

It all started with a click of controller buttons on a Xbox controller

Jayla and ebony became friends on July 13 2020 and jayla scammed ebony in the start and then they said sorry and made up again, things have changed since and they have grown closer together, now to this day they are best friends and they can’t stand 12 hours without calling eachother💕

Link to learn abt our frendship journey

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2 girls ebony (9) jayla (13) become bestfriends

It all started when jaylas little sister was playing with a girl named just105368 on Xbox and Jayla joined and met ebony, they played adopt me and Jayla scammed ebony for her dragon and then ebony was sad... but they made up and they are INSEPARABLE FROM EACHOTHER they make TikTok and do everything together they are bestfriends even tho they live far away doesn’t mean they love isn’t close 💕


It all started July 13, 2020 ☀️

Detail about our friendship

It was a summer night around 3:30 am, and then my sister was playing with a girl, with the username: just105368, I asked to play with her the first time, she said no 😔..... then I asked the second time and she said yes but be nice becaue she is sensitive, so I joined and I scammer her on adopt me for her dragon, but we mad up and follow me on our journey, I’m jayla and her name is ebony, I live in America 🇺🇸 and she lives in Australia 🇦🇺 and we have been besties since July 12 2020, and NOTHING can seperate us, even with the problems we face nothing is stopping me from being ur Bff💕