Grown Days With Jay

(My full name is Jayla — but since we’re friends now, you can call me Jay )

No formalities here — just a space to dump my moments of growth, lessons, and realizations. On this blog, I’ll chronicle the ins and outs of my life post college. From working my first “big girl job” and mustering up the energy to still maintain a social life, to figuring out why no one told me just breathing in the world was so expensive, to dabbing my pinky toe back into the dating pool of Atlanta after a GOD AWFUL situationship (bless it, Jesus) … I will be keeping it as raw and real as possible.

I guess I still haven’t said much about who I am. Well….
- I’m a 25 year old woman just faking it till I make it. I graduated from Georgia Tech in December 2020 with a BS in Computer Science.
- I currently work as an Implementation Consultant for a Supply Chain Tech Company (where my work from home friends at!?).
- I’m an Aquarius.
- If it’s not another sweatshirt or a pair oversized joggers, then I don’t want it.
- Currently in a season of investing in myself and protecting my peace.

Beyond sharing my story, I hope to connect with other amazing women who have or will experience these same moments of growth and lessons. I hope this space provides a good laugh for those who need it, serves as a space of comfort for those who feel alone, and brings a sense of clarity for those who think they’re the only one that’s lost. But more than anything, I hope it inspires you to embrace your journey and make the most of each day by living with purpose and intention.

Thank you for visiting my safe space! I am so glad you’re here.

Much love,
Jayla Najee <3