Jayme Cooper

A little about Me:

I am an independent sales rep for one of the fastest growing health and wellness companies! We produce amazing products to aid in weight loss, weight maintenance and healthy digestion such as fat burning tea, coffee, cleanses, we even have a skincare line up that includes drinkable skincare! (Yes, I said drinkable)

I joined this business because we decided we could use some extra money , but with everything going on in the world lately I didn’t want to put mine and my family’s life at risk, but then I came across this business , at first I was just sharing for a draw then got asked if I wanted to join. I wasn’t sure at first so I didn’t join right away, I was so skeptical and didn’t know if this was for me or If anyone would buy me from etc, but I took the leap of faith and came up with the money and I joined! I was on social media anyways so why not make money at the same time! I saw this working for so many of the people , so I thought why couldn’t this work for me to one day! If I keep showing up every day and be consistent then things will start happening! I’m so glad I decided to join this amazing opportunity I’ve met so many great friends and I get to be home with my Daughter and my family and able to be apart of things with them and able to help us out financially as well! 🙂 so If you have been following my journey and want more info on any of the products or interested in any of the product or want to join my team and be able to do the same thing I do you can send me a message or you can click link below and get started today!