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Hello! My name is Jay-Ray-Bigsby
I am Musician from the North-East of England,

I play Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Piano + Synths and Rhythm machines/Step samplers.

I operate in a home recording studio, I record, mix, master, produce and do all my own sound engineering.

I am always looking for new projects to work on with Local Musicians! If you are local contact me here.

For a temporary period I will be offering free Studio time to one lucky Band.

To have the chance to participate simply contact me, send me a demo of what you sound like currently!

If I like your specific variety of noise and can really get behind your music and vibe with it, then my interpretation and sound design will reflect that.

Send me some of your audio and if its something I see myself fucking with I will help record, produce and mix a single, I will waive price for Studio Time.

I will extend this offer to also accepting Solo Artists to apply for the free Studio Time.

The requirements are:
That you must have multiple complete ORIGINAL songs, ready to record.

We will:
Record ONE of these songs at my home studio

I will:
Provide free recording time.
Free mixing services.
Contribute some session work on any instruments.
Use the resulting Single/Demo to promote my Music Studio and to give you exposure from my website.

This limited offer will be completely pro-bono, no charge whatsoever, we work in person at my studio.

Message me as linked below to apply for opportunity to work together,

We only have one free placement for a band and one for a solo artist.

Runners up will be offered a discount on all services (:

Terms and Conditions:
I will provide a free recording in exchange for being able to showcase the resulting 'final mix' on my website, for my portfolio and for my social media platforms.