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Be the energy you want to attract! ✨

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my page!
Welcome, welcome! Whether you’re here to LEVEL UP your product routine or to LEVEL UP your lifestyle and mindset, I got you!! 🙌🏼🖤

I’m Jazmine, but y’all can call me Jazzie! I am 25, I’m a Libra! I’m a “newish” resident in Nevada, originally from Utah though! I live here with my Fiancé Lucio and our daughter Zia! Dancing is one of my hobbies and sparks so much JOY into my life! I’m known as @jazziedeee on my dance IG page. I work as a Consultation Agent for Geek Squad inside Best Buy! Technology has always fascinated me and it’s something that has always just “clicked”! With that being said technology(social media) is also what lead me to the amazing opportunity of being apart of Monat. I finally said YES! Yes to my future, yes to improving my finances, yes to improving my skin, hair, wellness, and yes to being the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF! 😇

& FOR REAL these people are making MILLIONS doing this!! So why cant I?…. Why cant YOU!?! 🤑

I’ve been manifesting and setting intentions for my path to success! But things of course aren’t always rainbows and butterflies! Things can get rough, dark, and stressful at times BUT I like to fill up others cups with POSITIVE ENERGY, LIGHT, and CLARITY. I know that I am someone that others feel comfortable talking to and know they can trust in the knowledge I preach! I love helping others feel better about themselves overall! I’ve found the vessel to guide you to all your wildest goals & dreams! You’ve just got to be willing to work for it! You’ve gotta want it too! ✨

So who wants to be my new best friend and say YES to making an impact and conquer GOALS together?! Or want to become MILLIONAIRES with us? We’ll teach you how! Don’t worry! Taking that leap is scary, I know, I’ve been there just like you…. It’s scary as hell actually! But growing isn’t comfortable… sometimes growing hurts!
We are all meant for more! & growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zone… take the leap! You will be soooo glad you did! I’ve got your back! ✨🖤