You don’t know me

and I don’t know you

BUT I DO KNOW you’re quite literally a ball of joy and you don’t even know it :/ you WRONGLY tried to convince me you’re not cute yet?? i’ve gathered ?? substantial evidence ?? proving otherwise 😈

court, here is my case.

The category is cute

i present my case

i rest my case

Things we’ll do when you unmask me 😋

...If you can 🤭

if you really can’t figure it out, post one of these pics on your story and i’ll come find you 😌

Cafe because we’re fancy but also literal children

get this, we’re strangers (accurate) who just so happen to be competing for this last piece of cake. i mean come on look how cute it is. i don’t know if you’re as stubborn as i am but i don’t back down easily...but i’ll happily share with you :/ only if you let me cut the bear right down the middle 😈

Rendezvous in the park except i don’t know what rendezvous means

the pretzels are a joke okay :/ (there’s your one and only hint) i know it’s cold as balls but ramen is the best heater (imo) and i’m a chicken katsu slut so i think we both win here.

I can’t cook :/

i know how to steal and wash fruit so if you’re ever sick or feeling down or just need your cute little [redacted] for some company. i will happily butter your burnt bread and feed you grapes 😚

i know this year wasn’t easy for anyone and i don’t know all the struggles you endured but you made it 🥺 you made it to the end of this godforsaken year and by golly we’re going to jump into 2021 with a new head on our shoulders because what? nothing 👏can 👏hold 👏us 👏down 👏or 👏back👏 (except a pandemic because corona wants to be special ♡)

i hope your life is filled with love and support and that the people you have appreciate you to the fullest. i’d like to be one of those people, if you’ll have me 👉👈

merry christmas to you and your cute ass.