Hey friend!

Here is a little about me

I'm 21 and married, I and my husband have a beautiful daughter and live in a run down house that we bought and are fixing up. We live in a small town in the state of Washington and we have two cats and one dog named Bruce.

We love camping, fishing, homemaking, building gaming towers, making youtube videos gaming/streaming, and just being together.

I love non-toxic healthy products and wouldn't want anything else around my family. I want my daughter to reach for the oil shelf / supplements before the medical products given by a dr. 🤷‍♀️

In May 2020 my husband walked out of his toxic job right after I got my kit and started for the second time. I flip to the next rank in May 2020 the same month that I started.

I'm growing my team of strong motivated mommas and dads that love and believe in the products just as much as me! Im going for Gold by the end of the year and would love to lock arms with you and run together. Im working hard so that my husband dosnt have to go back to a 9-5 and he can find and run with his passion.


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My Family YouTube Channel

Hello everyone! I and my husband Ozz has a family channle where we do home renovationas, unboxing videos, all the way to day in our life vlogs!

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Young mom morning routine

Day in our life 2020

Organize day, cooking, get stuff done with me

Spring night time routine 2020

Do you want your own custom build pc?

Well we are here to help!

My husband Ozz and I fell lin love with building towers after we each build our own gaming ps's. And we would love to turn this into a carreer!

Since we are still new at this our prices are low and after we build the pc we will offer $40 back to get a review of our work.

Thank you for considering us! If you would like a free quote please fill out the form below so we can get in contact and get a better idea of what you will want!