Who am I?

Jazzmin Harris

I am a wife, mom, and co-owner of two established brands: Laid Pretty Boutique™️ and Twelve12™️.

My goal is to help business owners establish their brand identity and create marketing plans to generate sales! What took my family years to develop, I will offer you within 30 days!

I came across Jazz story back in late May. Jazz asked if anyone was interested in joining SixFigure Club to DM her for a link. I was a bit nervous because I had no business or business plan. I was eager to learn and ready to obtain all the knowledge needed to start a business. The first week of SixFigure Club was mind blowing. I was given a God fearing mentor and a beautiful tribe to match. Jazz poured so much into myself and the women in the club, other’s charge thousands for the jewels she gave. What I learned from Jazz was to be creative and my authentic self. “People don’t want to buy from Robots” as Jazz would say. I’m on my way to launching my brand because of God trusting Jazz to give to others.

Rasheedah @xoxoshee

I know Jaz way back from Cosmetology school! I saw her building something beautiful from scratch! When she started the sixFigure club I reached out right away! Let me tell you something about Jaz! She is smart business woman and like to see others succeed too! Joined the Club and It changed my prospective on running my business! Jaz taught me how to study my personal brand and how to present my self through my brand!

Sidi @sid_hair_studio

Thank you so much for teaching me how to read, understand and set goals according to my analytics… + 151 % MORE ACCOUNTS + 42.6 % CONTENT INTERACTION Like WHAT. I know it may no my seem like much but it made a major difference once I applied the strategies you taught in class!

Ebony @meamourestyles

Mentorship with Jazz was nothing short of a breakthrough! Jazz really helped me to release all fear that I had and trust myself when it came to my business goals. She pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and strive for success! She introduced me to so many tools and resources to help me grow my brand, build an audience by being my authentic self and allowing my creativity to lead me and not over-thinking! Not only did she give clear understanding and guidance, I can't thank her enough for her selflessness! Jazz has such a big heart and wants to see everyone WIN! IF I COULD GIVE 5 STARS, SHE WOULD GET 10! -Sabrina B.


Hey y’all, So .. i’ve known Jazz for a couple years now. I’ve watched her growth and passion; when I found out she was mentoring I hopped on the opportunity FAST. My experience with Jazz has been amazing honestly. She is a dedicated person that believes in HELPING individuals grow + prosper. She spills into you and actually takes the time to monitor your work as she works with you. I can’t wait for another round of mentoring with her. Trust & believe — this is a person who LOVES to help others.


I’m still taking it all in…I say it again, thank you for directly and laser focus assistance with me. You and I together was simply easy and your leadership was A1. I trust you, PERIOD!

Sheena @queenstylista