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Greetings Bloom Crew!
My name is Jazzy and this is my blog that involves all of my passions blended into one!
You’ll find all the things that involve plants, books, tea, art and so much more! I live in the Bay Area, so there are so many beautiful things here that make me proud to call the Bay my home. I’m all about what makes life lovely, lively and colorful! Welcome, enjoy and happy planting 💛

My Top Picks for Flowers this Summer!

Top 5 flowers for my Summer Garden

Want to add some gorgeous bloom to your garden? Try these blossoms beauties and see them unfold and bring color to your garden!


Hydrangeas come in hues of blue, purple, pink and white! They love the sun and should be watered 3 times a week during growing season! Feel out of much water your Hydrangeas need during Summer.
☝🏽Keep the water off the leaves and flowers to preserve the colors of the plant


Lantanas are super colorful, hardy and tolerant flowers! After they’ve been established in the ground, they only need to water about once a week. They vary in color and add pops of yellow, purple, red and pink.
☝🏽When you plant them, you can use garden soil but they do love acidic soil.
So adding finding certain mulches such as Pine needles, pine bark and true cypress are great to add a little acidity to your Lantanas.


Bougainvillea is a vine perennial, so you may see these in the sides of houses and fences from about mid spring to early winter. When the weather is above 40 degrees they can last even longer than that.
☝🏽These plants are hardy but if you want the blooms to really POP, I’d suggest pruning and pinching off part of the plant.
When you do this, your shaping the plant and encouraging more flowers to grow!


I love having these perennials in my summer garden! I currently have them in yellow and purple but they come in various other colors. These can grow in the ground or in pots! They can get really thirsty in the summer so watering every other day is perfect.
☝🏽 Once some of the flowers start to wilt away, cut them back immediately!
This will encourage new growth and not have your plant waste energy.


Marigolds are wonderful to have in your garden! They attract bees, ladybugs and other insects that protects your garden/other plants from pests. They even repel mosquitoes when they are in high-quantity!
Water your Marigolds when the soil dries.
☝🏽 If you see little to no flowers, that means they are not getting enough sun!
Lastly, if there are wilted or dying blooms cut them down to encourage new blooms!

Reyna Noriega

Reyna Noriega is one of my favorite artist who encompasses the beauty and essence of brown and black women. Each canvas is full of color, shapes and presents women in a way that is unique to each one she captures.




Plant go-tos

What is your favorite plant?
How do you make your space more lively?

With so many plants out there, my favorite plant has yet to be discovered! I love so many kinds of plants for various reasons. I love how beautifully green they make my home. I love how when you give to them, they give something right back. Today, here is the fern I bought! What will be your next plant purchase?

Summer Harvest

Summer garden harvest🌞
This summer garden has definitely taught me a lot.
-Growing pumpkins are my ultimate favorite
-Green bean are my new favorite thing to grow
-shallots are the because you can use the green shoots as green onion and then also the shallots (win win)
-slugs are gross
Towards the end of the harvest, my watermelons started being attacked by aphids and slugs 🐌 but I got em with neem oil spray!

Fall & Winter Garden

Top Recommendations for Fellow Gardeners


Carrots are fun and easy to grow once the fall weather sets in. Not only do I love growing and cooking carrots, I love using the tops in sauces as well! You can put them into pesto, chimichurri and tomato sauces. *chefs kiss* You’re welcome.


The herbs I love to grow during this time is basil, Tuscan blue rosemary, English lavender, thyme, cilantro and parsley! 

Growing herbs in the fall requires some cuttings of your herbs at new nodes (growing spots/new growth area on plant that can be lower on the plant). This is the time to forage but also definitely more time for growing them as well. I recommend heading to your local nursery to gather some starter herbs so they have a couple more months to grow and you can use them during the later months in the year.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are definitely great to start growing during this time of year. I love to grow cabbage, kale, mixed greens, bok choy and arugula. As the weather starts to back off, recede into the cooler climate it is the best time to start planting greens in your garden.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetable! I am super excited to watch them grow, they are very popular around this time growing wise. This will be my first time growing Brussels sprouts in a bed, so I will definitely be keeping you updated!

But according to a couple of garden peeps, they thrive in cooler weather and do well with other veggies that thrive in Autumn climate. They also love full sun and having space in between other Brussels wherever you plant them. 
(Here I still have them in the containers alongside with some cabbages! Waiting for tomorrow to be cooler weather)