Leading with a Smile!

The High Life Movement

Hello, so excited that you're here!

My names Jada! I am a fulltime college student, I work in hospitality seasonally and am a beauty business owner! I am a 21 year old type one diabetic with a huge love for animals and God! I am an American Dominican and Haitian female who goes by she/they.

When I started college, I believed my degree would be the gateway to the life I wanted to live, but that changed as I got older. I knew helping people was something I had a passion for, whether it was medically (B.S in Psychology), or through the service industry (my business or hospitality).

I didn't have the money to go to the college I wanted to, or afford most of the classes I am taking now. I knew the seasonal working 8-6 wasn't doing much with me wanting a car and having to still come out of pocket for personal expenses. I honestly got tired of feeling broke and unable to have actual fun like the people on social media experiencing. I needed more from my life and started a side hustle so I'd be able to do more.

The High Life Movement is an inspiring community of empowering, strong minded and hardworking women and men! Starting since March of 2021, I had the privilege of breaking through my introverted aspects I didnt even know existed. I've learned more about myself and life than I ever expected to and I have to thank this opportunity for showing me a different and possible way of living!

Saying yes was a blessing I needed and everyone deserves to live their best life. This business helped me pay for my 21st birthday trip to Vegas and after that, I knew I can get more! No dream is ever too small and I strive to help others live out their full potentials by either growing their beauty physical beauty or bank accounts!

Are you ready to level up your life? Let's talk!