From : your crazy baby, ruozeanne.

To : my crackheaded yet softest man, Jeff.

Hey baby, Happy 3rd month anniversary! I, honestly, can't believe that we've made it so far. Anyway, this is my gift to you! I've been working on these letter since a few days ago, hehe. I knew all my efforts would be worth it when I saw the smile on your face when you received these letters.

— —

Anyway, last month we've through ups and downs. I sincerely hope we never ever get into a fight. I'm sorry if I ever said mean things because I was mad and hurting at the same time. I'm sorry for causing you this unbearable pain and excess stress. I hope we'll never argue or get into a fight, again. Teehee.

next? yes, please!

Hello again. hihi.

Eum, can you look in the mirror right now? Please just take a look at yourself. It's you. It's my amazing boyfriend who I love so much more than anything in the universe. You're my baby, my man, the softest man I ever found.

Just realized that I am way too cheesy, ewh.

But, don't lose that sweet smile on you face. Keep it forever because when you're smiling, I'm smiling too.

my soft-hearted yet beloved man that I trust the most.

Mas, I'm always here for you, even when I am not physically present. I'm always there, somewhere in your chest, in a very treasured place called your heart. When you feel lost remember me and how special you are to me.

I don't want anyone to discover the parts of you that I fell in love with because I know that they'll fall for you too. I'm afraid of someone stealing you away from me, of losing you. But it saddened me to know that I'm only a mere star in a bunch of constellations.

Hm, maybe it's a bit out of context but i just want you to know that I'm here. kamu ga pernah sendiri. Kamu punya banyak orang yang sayang sama kamu, aku salah satunya. Also, don't forget that you have me and 9 kiddos hihihi, you'll never be alone babe, you have us on your side. Aku selalu ada, kapanpun kamu butuh seseorang untuk bercerita. Aku sayang mas ❤️