I'm Jehan Khaleda. You can call me Dida.

I'm a mother of 2, proud Javanese living in Bali, and a Marketing Ninja. Currently, I'm the Marketing Manager of Deus Ex Machina Indonesia and an occasional PR Consultant.

I'm obsessed with skincare over makeup and in a committed relationship with food. Oh, I'm not vegan, I'm a carnivore, and some call me a professional sushi eater.

I'm not wearing a tiara. I just bedazzled my horns and mastered the left hook.

I have been celebrating Bali life since 2012. My journey on this Island of Gods started from Melia Bali in BTDC, Nusa Dua, to Hu'u Bar in Seminyak; it was one of the most happening nightclubs in that era and continued to run my company PT Prima Media Asia, which brought the brand: Bali Tonight at the end of 2014.

Since then, I have been focused on campaign production and promotion while I was doing marketing consulting as a freelancer with a full-time commitment for years. It's all a progressive experience. In 2018, I worked for LYD Bali Group (La Plancha Bali, La Favela Bali, Attika Bali, La Laguna Bali, La Brisa Bali, and LYD Bali Organic) before the M. Group.

My responsibilities as Group PR & Marketing Manager, leading the team in all marketing-related (and covering PR scoop at once) for Bali's top brands and International brands, which included brand positioning, executing campaign strategy, and delivering strategic marketing leadership to add revenue, define and refine corporate brand recognition.

👩‍💻 Want to know more about my story or how things are going in Bali?

My Top Picks Supplements for daily intake

This year I started implementing a healthier lifestyle than before.

During this time, I noticed that my weight went up slightly without going on a dangerous uncertified pills diet. My current food preferences include high protein foods and these are my top picks supplements included in my daily intake.

Solaray • Celery Seed 505mg

This unique botanical extract provides nutritive support for cardiovascular health, liver support, and healthy water balance in the body.

Now Foods • Zinc 50mg 250 Tablet

For your daily intake to supports normal function of many organs and systems within the body including the skeletal, immune and neurological. Labeled vegan-friendly and non-GMO, this product comes in a small, easy-to-swallow tablet. In addition to contributing to a good night's sleep, this supplement helps boosts the immune system, aiding your body in warding off common illnesses.

Now Foods, Certified Organic Spirulina, 500 mg, 500 Tablets

Spirulina is an excellent dietary supplement, and this is one I probably couldn’t do without. It’s a complete protein that has all of the necessary amino acids, and it is a supposed great source of energy. 💪🏼🍃 The last bit was my motivation in taking spirulina, I’ve been like a slug for the past few months and I can’t seem to get my energy up. I’ve also been taking an additional supplement for focus, but the energy I haven’t seemed to get together. Got this brand of spirulina in the mail and started taking it, and within a week I started feeling a slow and steady increase in the amount of energy I have on a daily basis.

After a month, my increase in energy was so apparent that people at work sometimes comment on it. What’s also good is that I was worried about mixing it with the other supplement I take. 👌🏼

My Top Picks Supplements

for preggo mama

Traditional Medicinals • Organic Pregnancy Tea

Looking for the best tea for pregnancy? Our Pregnancy Tea is formulated with raspberry leaves, which European and Native American women have used for over 2,000 years to tone the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth.* Using hand-harvested leaves by wild collectors from places like Bosnia and Herzegovina, our herbalists blend this tea with other tonifying herbs to support you while you’re expecting.

Solgar • Folate, 800 mcg, 250 Vegetable Capsules

Folic Acid has been dubbed the “pregnancy superhero” in caring for mother and baby alike. That’s because it aids in DNA and RNA synthesis, particularly important in periods of rapid growth, such as puberty and during pregnancy. Folate plays a critical role in the production of red blood cells and can help your baby’s neural tube develop into a brain and spinal cord.

When you are pregnant, your growing baby absorbs a lot of your folic acid to develop properly, so it’s important that you have plenty of folic acid in your system for you and your baby from the very start of pregnancy when your baby’s brain and spinal cord are developing. ℹ Folate deficiency in pregnant women has been linked to fetal abnormalities, such as spina bifida and anencephaly (congenital absence of part or all of the brain).

In fact, studies show that women who take Folic Acid before conception reduce the risk of having a baby with these neural tube defects by up to 60%! 💯

Swisse • Ultiboost, Calcium + Vitamin D, 250 Tablets

Calcium requirements may increase dependent on age, gender, diet, pregnancy, lactation post-menopause. Swisse Ultiboost Calcium + Vitamin D has been formulated based on scientific evidence to provide two beneficial nutrients in a convenient dose.