math-geek turned self-taught writer

— get to know me —

hi, i’m joya!

i’m a second generation bengali-canadian woman, eldest daughter to indian immigrant parents, and forever a third-culture INFJ personality. i am also a sister, wife, dog mom, friend, and advocate. i love to cook, paint, read, write, explore the outdoors with my dog, shop for vintage home decor, and travel.

i see the world through an intersectional & feminist lens, and i connect with it through painting its reflection into words, into art. as an empath, i wear my heart on my sleeve proudly. i firmly believe we can all make a difference — change has to start somewhere, why not us?

my goal for the space i take up in this world is to help people feel heard and seen, give a voice to those who struggle with their own, and build a community of like-minded individuals. we are not alone, and we are stronger in numbers.

my perspective is that of a queer, mentally ill, south asian woman & trauma survivor — we exist, we thrive, and we can define & redefine ourselves. we can be who we are, unapologetically, whatever that may manifest as.

we can learn. we can unlearn. we can heal.

join me on my journey; a math-geek recovering from trauma through art.

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