Jelissa De Torres

Carpenter Apprentice // Custom Woodwork & Design

Im a second-year carpentry apprentice, business owner and active advocate for women in the trades. I was first introduced to the trades in 2019 when i participated in an Intro to Carpentry course directed to women with little to no experience in the trades. Having this introduction to carpentry has opened my world to so many opportunities and has brought me into a career that i truly enjoy.

In my spare time, I design and build a variety of custom wood pieces and displays for local event planners, decorators and businesses. I serves as a regional representative for the BC Centre for Women in the Trades and the Industry Training Authority. As well as serve on the executive board for the BC Tradeswoman Society and Build a Dream. Ive spoken at a number of events and podcasts to share my experience as a woman in the trades and to encourage other women to consider the trades as a career. Many don't realize it's a viable and and rewarding career!

My goal is to change the negative stigma of careers in the trades, address the issue of retention for women in the trades and make the trades more accessible and appealing to those who are underrepresented in the industry.

I plan to one day establish a summer camp for young girls where they can explore the skills one learns in the trades as well as learn interpersonal and leadership skills in a supportive environment. My hope is to provide the opportunity for them to explore alternative careers as well as gain the skills to be confident, assertive and successful in their future endeavours. ♡

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