Jemima Kuresa

About me

Malo ni, I am a proud Polynesian woman, 23 years old, born and raised in NZ but currently living in the outback of Western Australia 📍

I think like most of us my family and friends are the most important thing in the world. Working the roster of 14 days of work and 7 days break I’m actually spending more lifetime with my colleagues than being where I want to be and surrounded with who I want to be around.

The “Freedom Era” has allowed me to live the life I deserve. Creating abundance in all areas of my well-being- mentally, financially, spiritually and physically 🌱

Working towards retiring from this 9-5 lifestyle and creating positive change for my family, friends and community 🥳

Excited to be helping 9-5ers make an income online through partnering with a leveraged automated system ✨

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Jemima Kuresa

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