About Me

Simply Jeniffer

A Salvadoran raised in Maryland. Im a 29 year old who just recently became a mom to a handsome little boy👶🏻 but also a mom to 2 dogs and a cat. Happily married for 6 years and counting to an amazing guy that happens to be my best friend and now an amazing Dad.

I'm the third child of four. And have parents that showed me hardwork. I started working at the age of 15 at a restaurant while in high school. I quickly realized I didn't like working in that industry and I haven't since.
Ive always loved kids and in school I developed the interest in child development, which lead me to a 12+ years in private childcare. And of course I love all things beauty. This love brought me to have my own Lash & Brow business. Offering clients amazing Vegan & Cruelty Free services that gives them a great feeling when they leave my chair. Which lead me to amazing vegan and cruelty free hair, skin and wellness products that came with an amazing opportunity to work from your phone, which means from anywhere. Along with an amazing team and support group there are amazing benefits that allow me to help others in either finding amazing products or discovering a new opportunity for themselves and others

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