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The Diem Won’t Carpe Itself ✨

Mama to Theo, 8, Phoebe, 5, George, 3 & Olly 1 practicing anything creative from digital art, makeup, hair styles, singing, song writing...and I’m in NWM with tips for anyone thinking of joining or already in the industry!

Weight Management Drink Recommendations 🍹☕️

I’ve got to say...coffee!

The truth is I couldn’t get through my days without this now!
As a mum of 4, during lockdown, homeschooling & having little adult conversation i find it hard not to nap when my toddler & baby drop off 😴
I wake up feeling crappy & even more tired than before!
Now I have my special coffee that doesn’t happen! I’m on the ball, I’m alive & I feel good which doesn’t happen for me much!
That’s not to mention it stops me eating a full packet of biscuits because I skipped breakfast & dinner & couldn’t wait for tea 😳
I highly recommend either our Italian or Brazilian roast they taste like ‘posh coffee’ 😂
Or if you’re not a coffee drinker try our Belgium hot chocolate or our juice that tastes like pina colada! They have the same effects 🥳

Valentus Coffee ☕️

Choose from our 3 best sellers;

☕️ Europa Joe
☕️ Italian
☕️ Brazilian

They all help to speed up your metabolism, stop bloating, crush cravings, control sugar absorption, clear skin, detoxify your body, boost you mood, energy & focus, workout & recovery enhancer! It’s said to help people who suffer with diabetes, depression, high cholesterol & IBS!

These are available on my website they’re all really nice but I recommend the Italian over any other 😋

Europa Cocoa 😋

Our BRAND NEW Belgium hot chocolate! It really is as good as it sounds!
Does everything our coffees do ✨
Yes, really, you can loose weight drinking hot cocoa!
These are available on my website 👇🏼

Tropical Blast 🍹

If you love pina colada! You will adore our juice because it takes exactly like the cocktail without all the naughty bits 😂
You have to try to believe me, and YES, same effects as the coffee & the cocoa! I KNOW lol 🤯