About Jen Lee

Body-Mind-Facilitator. CEO & Founder of Heart Intention, llc

Hi I’m Jen Lee, Body-Mind-Spirit Transformational Facilitator & Prosperity Frequency Embodiment Coach.

I have been Certified in modalities including Transcendental Rebirthing, Quantum Healing, Licensed in Massage Therapy, Cupping Massage, Lypossage, Fitness Trainer, & many more.

I began my journey to health since I was 11. Then at 20, being Certified in Quantum Healing & studying nutrition. About 8 years ago, I started to focus on working out my body. I realized that working on my mindset & eating well meant nothing if I excluded building quantum light quotient in my body.

Now after studying under many many different energetic body functions & templates, incorporating elemental healing & my knowledge in bodywork as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I’ve consolidated all I’ve learned into my new fitness programs I’ve developed that specifically focuses on widening your capacity to evolution, expansion, transmutation, & ultimately embodying more light.✨

What’s a spiritual & evolved person, if they are weak in their body? Because integrity means all parts of one-self in alignment.

I’ve tested out what works & what doesn’t. I come from a holistic approach & have gotten results that I want to share with the world.

If you’re ready to master your body, align your physical body with the wisdom of your mind, to embody a higher capacity of energetic power in the flesh, then sign up & let’s get started!

It’s time to align
who you are
Who you are

Testimonials —

Detailed Supplements that Jen loves

Each item with a description on WHY I love them (: My favorite supplements that I’ve tried & that have worked for me! (:

Sugar-free Magnesium Gummies

These taste so delicious you can’t even tell they have 100mg per gummy and 2g of fiber each! These are my go-to when I don’t feel like drinking the magnesium and want something sweet to chew on😊

Electrolyte drink #1

This is one of my fav. electrolyte drinks because it comes with B-vits & BCAAS. I like to mix 1/2 a scoop of this along with 1/2 a scoop of the Ultima brand (below) electrolytes because this one doesn’t have the vitamin C that Ultima has so I can get the full benefits. It’s the best value at less than $27 for 90 servings!

Plus it’s such a delicious peach-mango flavor that you can add ice to & make an amazing “peach arnold palmer” with!!
(P.s. the pic is for their other flavor!)

Electrolyte drink #2

I loove this one because it has so many flavors, ZERO SUGAR &&! the drink includes vit. C!! As you probably read, I love mixing this one with the Zeal electrolytes because when I take protein, it needs vitamins C to be absorbed, so I take 2 stones with 1 bird by having my electrolytes & vit C. with this drink! (:

Organic Red Reishi Powder Anthony’s Brand

Red Reishi Mushroom is a potent immune booster. It has been listed as one of the Top 5 immune modulating mushrooms on National Institute of Health!

It’s personally helped me gotten over illness, especially involving runny nose/ stuffy nose, coughs, body aches/weakness, and gives a warming soothing when added in hot soups,

It has a slightly sweet taste and I love adding it to my bone broths, stews, smoothies, and drinking it in hot teas with stevia! In hot teas it tastes similar to dissolved brown sugar yet its super healthy!

The sweet taste comes from the beta-glucans, a type of starch that your immune cells use as energy to fight off sickness.

I find that this powder combined with Vit. D, A, & C together is a potent immune-boosting combination!

These are my experiences, of course take what you need and see how they work for you!

Organic Red Reishi Powder TerraSoul Brand

This is another brand I love, in case the first one gets sold out since it’s so good! But they are both super potent and organic!

Superfood Mushroom Instant Coffee

This coffee is no joke!!
It’s so delicious I drink it so fast,
But it hits you later really strongly & works not only with the caffeine,
but the 2 mushrooms take your brain functioning to the next level of focus.
If you do get this, be mindful of when you drink it because you WILL have lots of energy!

And if you’re like me, you “bulletproof” it by adding MCT oil & butter to take it to nextNEXT level!!

Garden of Life Magnesium Drink w/probiotics

This is one of my favorite magnesium drinks because it tastes so delicious
(like a tart orange Tang, but 0 sugar)
Aand it comes with probiotics !

If you’ve ever had magnesium before, it is a super relaxer of muscles, and magnesium is a critical mineral involved in over 600 chemical processes in your body!!

But when you drink magnesium (best for nighttime so you minimize the laxative effects in the daytime) you are helping to detoxify your body of excess calcium /lactose that was clogging your muscles from working out.

You also increase deeper sleep and vivid dreams.
With the added probiotics, you help reset your gut biotics and help cleanse out parasites from the flush.

Truly so important too when you are naturally tense or get cramps often.

Fav. Vegan Protein- SunWarrior

During my phases of being vegan, this protein really held me up!
It’s formulated so that your body absorbs it as if it was animal meat!😳
You feel full and energized!
You more easily gain muscle and keep your muscle with this brand!! The price is reasonable & lasts a good while.
Just make sure that you add a bit of Creatine into your protein!
Yes, creatine!
It’s an essential nutrient that can only be found in animal protein, or as a powder!

As well, make sure when you go vegan, you take your iron so you can ground yourself and not be “floaty”!
Check it out and let me know how you FEEL on this protein!

Codeage Multi-Collagen Powder

This brand offers one of the best values of 5 Types of collagen with high amount of servings (63 servings‼️)and a competitive price!

I love adding collagen to my soups (hint: with red reishi powder for an immune-collagen boost), to my berry smoothies, to my matcha tea 🍵 and also my coffee!

It’s almost undetectable in food and gives extra nutrients without the hassle!

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