About me ☺️

Hi, everyone!

I’m Jenna 😋 I’m 21 and was born in North Carolina. Since then, I’ve moved all over the place from Arizona to Nevada to Kentucky, and all the way to Nebraska.
I absolutely love to travel! You’ll always catch me on some sort of adventure either with my friends or just me and my pup, Finley.
I finally found a business that I’m able to work as I travel when and wherever I want and have the financial freedom on top of that! And extra plus? My hair and skin have never been healthier 😉

What I do...

Want to be able to work from your phone while traveling?


I’ve been running around with part time jobs that took up all my time while barely having enough time doing what I truly love, travel...
from living in a small town where I got fired for something that happened outside of the job (literally as little as sticking up for myself),
working minimum wage at fast food places ,
and working at a place that was excruciatingly boringgggg 😫
I needed more!!

The Opportunity~

I got sick of financially struggling and never having enough time for anything. I came upon this ad ok Instagram stating, “want to be able to work from your phone and have financial freedom?”
I clicked on the ad and reached out for more information.
There was no contract, no quotas, and no catch! You get you work from wherever you want from your phone, 5 paychecks each months, and make your own hours!

July 27, 2020

I decided to take a leap of faith and take this opportunity! Enough with not having enough time or money! I can literally work when I want and make a difference for myself. I encourage you to please contact me ☺️ I want to help you just like I was helped.
Just do it! No excuses 🤗