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First & foremost please take the time to scroll to the next page and take the quizzes provided so I can start helping you take control of your life!!! & now… let me explain about me…

When I was little, I was asked often “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And my answer was generally always the same, “everything.” Today, if asked “what do you want to be when you grow up,” I would likely answer with one of two statements, “everything” or “I have no f’ing idea.”

I never liked the idea of boxing myself in to one category of being - like you can be a mom OR a business woman, you can be successful or you’re a failure, you can be strong and athletic or ladylike… so I would attend soccer followed by cheerleading, I’d build houses for habitat for humanity followed by competing in a beauty pageant, I’d lift weights and dress up for functions and do all my friends makeup…. I am a nurse and completing my masters degree and I am a mom who loves to decorate my home and adores cooking. I work to take care of people and I’m also working on supporting my Monat business - because you can do and be everything you want to. And because monat doesn’t require a check in at a certain time or a certain place, but allows flexibility with room to grow while providing quality services to all of those people who want to be and do everything before their time runs out.

The only thing we should strive to be when we grow up (I’ll never grow up) so I should say what we should want to be everyday is happy and healthy and self sufficient. Labor and delivery Nursing gives me an opportunity to bring new life in the world and monat gives me an opportunity to help others choose products that combine modern technology with nature to achieve desired youthful results and to stop the hands of time so none of us are left feeling as though we never reached our potential while we were inevitably growing up… I love to share my endeavors and I’m thrilled to share all my steps and projects, journeys, and stories with you!

My Top Picks

Mind. Body. Health. Home recommendations

Here are some of my current favorites for total mind, body, soul, wellness!

Wellness recommendation of the month

Collagen key!!! This literally tastes like crystal light! I always disliked taking any kind of powdered nutrition supplement because to me it never tasted like anything. This product assists the body in producing collagen, adding strength and resilience to hair, skin, and nails. It is an amino acid blend that assists in maintaining key collagen levels while replacing lost collagen! Vegan, sugar free, flavorful, and full of antioxidants including vitamin C this is a must have to get through the winter!!!

Hair product of the month

I have been obsessed with my scalp purifying scrub!!!! It deeply cleanses and purifies the scalp of built up product and residue that tends to collect along with the mineral deposits from our everyday showerheads leaving the scalp clean and physically softer with visible results after drying! Use weekly by emulsifying the product in hands and applying to wet hair and scalp massage to exfoliate and rinse thoroughly then follow with a monat conditioner! My favorite is the smoothing conditioner to tame frizzy flyaways. It’s ingredients of cider vinegar, super fruits, B6 vitamins, pink clay, and rejuvenique oil make it a vegan free, environmentally friendly, and overall amazing pick!

Skin recommendation of the month

The cold charcoal mask is heaven. And these days while we are all still in quarantine mode it’s the perfect time to pamper yourself! A combination of rich mineral Clays and charcoals work together to refine pores while simultaneously providing deep cleansing of the skin leaving your skin looking more vibrant and and refreshed and relieved of excess oil production. The mask creates a matte effect and reduces shine for up to 8 hours making it the perfect addition to a pre makeup routine or a night of self care! Apply evenly to dry skin and allow to dry 10-15 mins before washing away with warm water and following with your favorite monat skincare routine. I prefer to use my daily cleanser, mask, essence water, radiance serum and moisturizer to top off!

Self care recommendation

I am obsessed with paintedbyspencer… spencer is my sought after makeup guru for all things glamour and everyday. I stumbled across a video of him using the FOREO ufo on a client and I was in awe… next thing I know it was top of my list for my birthday./Christmas wish list and thankfully Stephen Johnson delivered! What a fiancé what a man! Anyways this small tool is a bit expensive but totally worth it. You buy small face masks to attach to your ufo device and then download the app on your phone - there are a plethora of masks you can use to target your specific needs and they go for 4-10$ at Sephora! Anyways you pull the plastic ring off the device and attach your mask. Download the app and select your FOREO ufo as well as the type of treatment mask you have and voila! Supersonic technology and red and green LeD rays refinish your skin while opening pores to allow masque essence to work its magic in repairing your epidermis damaged by natural pollutants and free radicals. After just a few treatments (which you can do twice a day daily if you choose!) you see visibly radiant skin and it feels softer as well. It’s a miracle and as I am committed to slowing down my aging process I’m committed to this little nugget!


Given that I think the world stumbled upon a shared love for at home barista experiences and becoming more independent (or not we just rely on door dash) during quarantine I have fallen in love with creating my own cold foam! My fiancé bought us a milk frother and I’m obsessed. I make a small espresso pour over ice in a large mason jar then add stok cold brew in a separate cup I put 1 tsp of sugar a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon and about 1/4 c of oat milk or whole milk then add this baby and let er’ rip it creates a frothy foam i then poor on top of the coffee! Heaven on earth im telling you!!! And more affordable too than my $8 splurges

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