“Be the girl who just went for it, stop wishing & make it happen”

Hi lovelies! My name is Jenna, and I am partnered with the #1 premium skincare company in North America.🙌🏻 In this business, we help others with their skincare concerns & run the business all from our phones. Not only have I fallen in love with these products & the change they've made for my skin/lashes, but I've made some of the best, most genuine girl gang that I've ever had, which many of us know, can be hard to come by!

Maybe you're just looking for an extra hobby, a side hustle, a way to make new friends & meet new people?! Maybe you want to replace your current job to have more time/financial freedom? Girls on our team are all of these things! I was working full-time (still am, & I love my full time job so much) when I was told about this amazing opportunity in the spring of 2019. In addition to working full-time, I was also working a part-time job, on the weekends. It was just getting to be too much, but I was driven by the money to try to pay off debt, as many of us are. Enter 2020 and I felt like my skin was starting to look dull and the coronavirus pandemic reminded me that it may be good to have a “plan-b” in my life. I learned a little bit about the opportunity and I figured "What do I have to lose?" The answer was literally nothing. If I didn't enjoy this new venture, I would just separate from the opportunity, no love lost, and a 60 day money back guarantee as promised by our generous company. But, I found the exact opposite! In a few short months this income from my new "side hustle" was able to replace and very much exceed the income from my part-time job, which I was able to leave thanks to this opportunity. I now have more time for myself, and am still able to support myself and most importantly, enjoy myself while doing it.

As I mentioned, I work full-time. Yes, FULL-TIME, and I manage to fit this business perfectly into my schedule, while being quite successful in it, if I do say so myself. Now this brings us to the topic of time commitment. NOTHING IS REQUIRED, which is one of the absolute best things about joining this business. You can dedicate all day every day into it, or a couple hours a week. You can take the day off whenever you please. There is no boss, no one to answer to. YOU control this business and YOU decide what you want to make of it! 

If any of this applies to you/interests you, I would absolutely love to get to know you and see if this is something you can do too. Simply answer a few questions about yourself on business information link on the next page, and then I will be in touch! Remember, there is nothing to lose, making a difference in others lives is within your reach and you deserve it💕

Also, if you’re interested in just the products and not the business aspect, that’s totally fine & I would love to help you with your concerns! Fill out the skincare consultation below or on the next page & let me know what you’re looking for. I want to help you!