Jenna's life story πŸ’•πŸŒŽ

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Welllllll......this is about Jenna's life story how it all started was from my 2 parents my mom giving birth to me & my dad being the one who's been there for me. My mother has been there for me of course just not like how my dad has he's the one who bought me my first bra who would dye my hair for me oh yeah btw my parents are divorced. You ever think is this how my life is supposed to be like are my parents supposed to be divorced? Or are they supposed to be together your life Is always going to be like this but don't think your mom or dad won't be there cause they will they just won't be as close as you think atleast for me. I do have 4 siblings the two older one's are 24,22 then it goes me which I am 20 years old my little brother is 18 years old two of them are parents then I'm just a 20 year old tryna start her life my little brother is actually about to graduate it's very exciting!!. My father will always be the only one I can count on ya know he's always been there for me through even though best & the worst. I can make him upset or when I have no one else he always picks me up off the ground he's taught me so much so much that a lady needs to know. Long story short I am currently dating my bf his name is thomas he loves me in every which was possible he lifts me up I lift him up we lift eachother up just tuned for the rest of Jenna's be continued