Jenna Sofia

Jenna Ahola (stage name: Jenna Sofia) is a Finnish actor, singer-songwriter, and dancer based in Finland and NYC, NY. She grew up in a small town, but always felt that the best way to grow as an artist, would be to go out into the world.

Jenna creates through the mediums of acting, singing, composing, writing, and dancing. Her training extensively focuses on music and the performing arts. She started out as a pianist and dancer — training ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. In elementary school she got into theater, and started acting in school plays and musicals, as well as community theater later on.

After years of dedication and auditions, Jenna got accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, majoring in Visual and Performing Arts. She is currently a 2nd year student at the New York City campus, and is part of the upcoming graduate class of 2022.

Her latest musical project is her first EP, which consists of five original songs, and was released on all streaming platforms May 21st 2021. The EP brings its listener up close and personal with the stories behind its lyrics, while giving the listener an opportunity to make up those stories for themselves.

Headshots & Portfolio

"Suruttomat", Tampere, Finland (2018)

"Suruttomat", Tampere, Finland (2018)

"Suruttomat", Tampere, Finland (2017)

"Suruttomat", Tampere, Finland (2017)

"Suruttomat", Tampere, Finland (2018)

"Suruttomat", Tampere, Finland (2017)


Original & Covers

On May 21st 2021 I released my EP "Golden" consisting of five original songs written and composed by me. It goes heavy on vocal harmonies and strings, because those are my absolute favorite sonic elements to use. "Golden" is now available on all main music streaming platforms, and I'm super, super excited for everyone to hear it!

On YouTube I upload covers of songs I love.
I always record, mix, and master all vocals myself, and strive to get the best audio quality while leaving my vocals sounding natural – flaws and all.
Personally I prefer listening to covers that have a homey feel, so that's what I try to achieve as well. Sometimes I accompany myself on piano or ukulele, and other times I use high quality backing tracks.

Here are some videos you might want to check out:

Selfish - Madison Beer // Jenna Sofia

Positions - Ariana Grande // Jenna Sofia

Still hurting - Jason Robert Brown // Jenna Sofia

How high the moon (live) // Jenna Sofia & Hämeenlinna Big Band