Jenn Doyle

Living my best low-carb life!

Wife and fur mom, working on my second masters degree and just trying to navigate this crazy thing we call life 🙃

I’ve been keto/low-carb since December of 2019 and have lost over 60lbs, even with scheduled exception meals 😁 I love to help people realize that keto doesn’t have to be restricting, you can still find foods you love and believe it or not, you can still have a social life!

My main tools to achieve my weight loss have been to:
- Maintain a caloric deficit
- Intermittent fasting
- Consistent exercise
- Drinking ketones 1-2 times per day!
- Tracking my macros
- Allowing myself to have planned exceptions meals

Drink. Your. Ketones.

What are ketones and why I supplement with them

Just like you might be, I was INCREDIBLY skeptical of ketones at first. Honestly I lost most of the weight without them, so why incorporate them? Because of the way they made me feel!!! Ketones aren’t magic, even though they most definitely feel like it, it’s still up to you to put in the work to see the result you want.

I ordered a trial pack and was instantly hooked! I have TRUELY never experienced the level of energy, focus and appetite suppression from any other product. The most AMAZING thing about them is that you DO NOT have to be keto/low-carb to experience their benefits. They are something that I will continue to supplement with even when I am not longer “dieting”.

Key Benefits:
- Better Mood
- Improved Energy
- Better Focus
- Appetite Suppression
- Exercise Endurance
- Muscle Preservation
- Better Sleep
- Better Fat Loss

Want to try them out for yourself? I recommend ordering a trial pack, which will include 3 charged (caffeinated) and 2 caffeine free samples. Or you can jump right in the with 10 day challenge!

DM me to order a trial pack or shop the link below for the 10 day challenge!

10 Day Ketone Challenge