About Me

Hey, you! I’m Jennifer Herrick … wife, dog mom, and entrepreneur. Ten years ago I decided to leave my engineering job and start my own business. I have never for one day regretted that decision. Today I own a successful retail shop with my mom and have started on a new opportunity that I am just as excited about.

Biggest perk of this new gig .. being able to connect with others and bring them along on this new opportunity that can help us all reach our goals!

Lack energy to get through the day? I can help!

Can’t fall asleep at night? Yep .. I can help!

Tired of feeling anxious and stressed? I got you!

Looking for another income stream? Let’s chat!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we absolutely need to talk. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way a couple of months ago. Now I have more energy than I have in years, fall asleep super quick, left those stressed-out anxious feelings behind, and now I’m on my way to earning extra money every month.

And y’all .. we’re not talking spamming up your friends and family. We’re talking about putting social media to work for you. We’re on it enough .. don’t you think it’s about time we earn something from it?

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