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👣 Reflexology uses techniques on the feet, hands and ears to help relieve tension and assist the body to heal itself.

I have been a Reflexologist now for more than 25 years.

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Nicole Dennis, The Parentpreneur

I was having a recurring problem with my left foot. Since I had my daughter I have had Morton's Neuroma in both feet (literally was told only old people get it, but there you go!).
I got that sorted, but then I was having pain in my achilles when I walked.
What annoyed me the most it was stopping me exercising.
Working out is really important to me as it keeps me on my A-game. I tried massage, physiotherapy, shock wave therapy, however, the problem still persisted.
Jenn lives an hour away from my house, I decided to make the trip to see if she could help me.
In just one treatment with Jenn, my issue completely resolved and I was pain-free. It hasn't come back either.
Jenn is a phenomenal reflexologist and I highly recommend her.

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