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I believe in hollistically and naturally maintaining your health and beauty. We must be good to ourselves, the the best ways possible. Take care of the body supporting that beautiful soul.

About Us

 It Works! is an industry leading beauty and nutrition company that empowers people to live the life of their dreams.  Mark B. PentecostFounder and CEO

The It Works! premium supplements line began when Mark made a routine visit to his doctor’s office several years ago. On this visit, Mark’s doctor instructed him to start taking a daily multi-vitamin supplement. But when Mark asked his doctor which one he should take, he was taken aback by the physician’s response: “I don’t know, but I wouldn’t take a cheap one. You only live once!" 
“I didn’t know what to do with that,” recalls Mark. “You want to know that you’re putting the very best things in your body so I began the long and hard search to produce the best multi-vitamin on the market.” 
This is what drove It Works! to move into the health and wellness sphere. We’re committed to always bringing our consumers the best products to live your healthiest and best life.  Works! reaches $100 million sales goal, then doubles it. The mantra “Debt Free is the new Sexy” is introduced to align the field team with the corporate philosophy of debt freedom. Everyone shared the same passion for giving individuals the keys to their freedom through a debt-free lifestyle. “You sleep better in a house that’s paid for,” says Mark Pentecost.
With a 690 percent growth rate over three years, the company plans a new, larger global headquarters.

About Us


A nonprofit organization, The It Works! Gives Back Foundation was founded in 2014 striving to make a lasting difference in communities locally and globally through financial, practical, and emotional support. 
The generosity of our It Works! family allows us to make that difference through Humanitarian Aid, Anti-Human Trafficking, International Crisis Response, Pediatric Cancer Research and Family Support, Veterans Support, Homeless Outreach, and Community Support.
Because of all of you, we’re able to make an impact in the lives of so many around the world every day. 
To learn more, connect with us on Facebookand Instagram, or contact our Gives Back Team HERE.

Are you ready for serious hair growth?


My Top Picks

Hair Skin Nails

With key ingredients Biotin and Keratin, Hair Skin Nails helps boost your body's natural Collagen and Keratin production so you can easily achieve and maintain healthy structures for your hair, skin, and nails. By adding just two capsules to your morning routine, you'll see healthier hair, more radiant skin, and stronger nails that begin from within.


NOTHING MAKES MY HAIR GROW! And in just two weeks my hair has grown longer than it does in 6 months!

My Top Picks


Ready for an easy change with extraordinary impact? Introducing ThermoFight XX, a product that's here to boost your metabolism and melt away fat. A new-and-improved version of our best-selling formula, ThermoFight XX now contains increased levels of Caffeine and the addition of Jalapeño Pepper to help you achieve and maintain an ideal fat-burning mode.


I've lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks... IT WORKS!

Take care of yourself

“The happier you are the more beautiful you become.”

My Top Picks

2 Day Cleanse

It’s important to be good to your guts! Your digestive system can be worn down by stress, anxiety, overindulgence, processed foods, and even general, day-to-day activities. By using It Works! Cleanse routinely, you’ll gently remove toxins while replenishing nutrients —it’s the perfect way to maintain a healthy gut and find a fresh start. Get a clean slate with this wellness cleanse that uses plant-based nutrients to reboot digestive health and help maintain a healthy gut. It's a two-day tune-up that's high in friendly fiber and comes ready-to-drink. What's the catch? There isn't one. This body cleanse even helps your system rebalance with vitamin-infused nutrients. You'll feel much cleaner, a little lighter, and totally back on track. Go ahead—this deserves a happy dance.

Having trouble sleeping?

Aren't we all? 😴

My Top Picks

Sleepy Tea

Struggling to fall asleep? Relax and unwind with It Works! Sleepy Tea—a soothing, herbal blend that helps you calm your mind, release muscle tension, and fall asleep effortlessly. Over time, better sleep can have many positive effects on your health, mind, and well-being. With this nightly ritual of relaxing herbs, lulling Melatonin, and soothing Magnesium, It Works! Sleepy Tea helps you get the sleep of your dreams and wake up feeling rested and restored.