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Im a 29 year old hair and beauty fanatic inspired to help everyone love them selves a little more, one shampoo bottle at a time ✨ My goal is to build confidence through pure independence - whatever that may mean to you.

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Wanna be able to work from WiFi?

Why I Chose This “Side Hustle”

The Decision

This is the month I decided to seize an opportunity. I decided I was sick of counting down the days until my next paycheck. I was sick of not being able to “treat myself” or go to brunch with my friends because it was too expensive. I was sick of asking my Dad for more money, because I had a full time job, and it made me look irresponsible. I was sick of barely having a savings account. I was sick of credit card debt. I was sick of wanting more, and not doing anything about it.

Prior to the Choice

I tried to sign up as a driver for Uber, wasn’t ever able to find people riding at convenient times because I’d go after work. Tried to sell my clothes online, wasn’t enough. Tried reaching out to brands for an ambassadorship, I didn’t have enough followers so they all turned me down.

The Opportunity

I stumbled upon this opportunity in December of 2019. This opportunity where you can make your own hours, connect with like-minded individuals worldwide, work from anywhere, any time, any place. No experience was needed. All you needed was your phone, and some WiFi, and you could turn your free time into a paycheck. No contracts, no quotas, no “catch”.

December 2019

I signed up! I was excited, and nervous, and scared. Emotions ran HIGH. But more than anything I was hopeful and determined. I had seen what this opportunity had done for people. The freedom and happiness a debt filled corporate worker like I was, had always dreamt of. I realized that if I was bougie girl on a broke girls paycheck, it was time for me to stop the excuses, and get to work!

June 2020

7 months into this Business! I have received 5 promotions, multiple paychecks, multiple bonuses, qualified for a FREE trip to the Dominican Republic, and have lead a team of moms, students, full-time workers, etc. to achieving financial freedom, all from the work we do FROM OUR PHONE! It’s crazy to think how I was once so unmotivated, unorganized, insecure, judgmental, negative, and complacent, I was missing out on a whole life I didn’t know I could make for myself. I am so grateful I said yes.

How You can Hop on This Opportunity

If you can relate to me, in any way, shape or form, I invite you to reach out, and become my new business partner. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Stop holding yourself back, stop listening to what other people think, stop limiting yourself, dream bigger, and let me show you what a few months of consistency & working from WiFi can do for you✨