comedic relief in most awkward situations

hey y’all - I’m Jenny. A Student Affairs Professional whose whole life does not revolve around work.

If you personally know me, my hope is that you also know my nicer, handsome half, Jesse. And that two of my favorite things are to make people laugh and root for others doing good sh*t.
In addition to the 8-5 grind (yes, Higher Ed is wild and wants you working that early) I partnered with the #1 Skincare Brand, Rodan+Field to keep my skin glowin’ and my savings account stacked.✌🏽✨

Some things to know:
I am a textbook definition of a Taurus
I am the *quintessential* middle child
I put the cart away at the grocery store (and judge people who don’t)
I think a beach day is a good day 🌊

swipe ➡️ to check out some of my favorite things like skincare + podcasts and links to specials and info!

Skincare is self-care

My skincare favs

Self-care comes in all forms. Each person, each body has it’s own routines, needs, and wants.

For me- it’s Skincare! rest, relaxation, and results! And I use Rodan+Fields, the #1 Skincare Brand in the U.S.!

Below are some of my favorites RF go-to’s for major results:


Reverse Regimen✨

Reverse Regimen - a 4 step routine from RF made to reverse skin damage and repair discoloration and hyperpigmentation! (Protects my skin and gives me a glow!)

Click the link to find out which regimen would be best for your skin type and concerns.


Radiant Defense

*Looks like Makeup, Acts like Skincare*
This lightweight, oil-free dermacosmetic is your new Glow Gaurd! Its unique and proprietary RD3 Complex protects the glowing skin you’ve earned. It helps neutralize the harmful effects of environmental aggressors, repair skin’s natural moisture barrier and protect it from sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.
• SPF 30
• non-comedogenic
• non-acnegenic


Lash Boost

Get the appearance of lush, longer-looking lashes with R+F Lash Boost™, a nightly eyelash serum. You’ll see a difference in as little as four weeks, and the best results in eight weeks. This conditioner can also be used to achieve fuller-looking brows.


REVERSE Radiance Gold Mask

The metallic gold REVERSE Radiance Mask visibly smooths skin’s texture and reveals a more luminous complexion in just 10 minutes. With continued use, it visibly evens skin tone for a more translucent complexion. Made with brightening Retinal-MD Technology, exfoliating Glycolic Acid and Turmeric Extract to boost radiance, this metallic cream mask revives the look of dull, uneven skin as it brightens. Use this concentrated mask if you’re concerned about dullness and discoloration or to boost the results of any Regimen.

Podcast Recs

My favorite podcasts - aka people I like to listen to and pretend we’re just having a one-way conversation

I commute about 45mins-1hr for work everyday... so finding entertaining podcasts was a game changer! I go for podcasts that are funny as hell, and speak on interesting topics - comedy, self-development, wellness, pop-culture and dating (yes... even tho I locked that sh*t down 6 years ago).


Secret Keepers Club

🎙Hosted by: Stand-up Comics Carly Aquilino and Emma Willman, and edited by Chris Thomas, whose voice is smooth as butta.
Listen for off-the-cuff comedy, real conversations, FMKs and Secret Keeper emails asking for advice.
FYI - you may end up crying-laughing 😂


Girls Gotta Eat

Hosted by: RAYNA GREENBERG and ASHLEY HESSELTINE - two hilarious girls who created meme accounts and then created a comedic empire. Listen for dating hilarity, games and great interviews! Try and catch one of their “stupid live shows” if they come to a town near you.


Almost 30

🎙Hosted by: Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik. A top-rated lifestyle podcast, brand, and community brought to life by LA-based best friends. Starting when they were getting ready to turn 30 and all the change that brings in your life- If you like astrology, *woo woo* stuff, diving into health + wellness or have a business - this is for you! #Almost30Nation


Inside the Closet

🎙Hosted by: stand-up comedians Matteo Lane and Emma Willman.
The banter and stories between these two is freaking magic. 🌈 P.S.A. Don’t listen if you’re a homophobe


Except you must wear Sunscreen.