About Me

Mom of 3, globetrotter 🌎 + deal hunter surviving on coffee ☕️ + sunshine ☀️

Hi! I’m Jen, founder of Kids Steals & Deals, one of the biggest mom deal groups on Facebook. We just moved to Ponte Vedra, FL! I have a very tolerant husband (Jim) who only occasionally rolls his eyes as the packages roll in, 3 kids - Ethan (17), Owen (8) + Noelle (7) ANNNNDDD 2 Boxers (Brick & Oscar) + a Bearded Dragon named Boo. We love the beach 🏝, traveling as a family ✈️ + hanging with the dogs 🐕. I love scoring awesome deals on my favorite brands that I post daily in the group!

My top picks

Sunscreen Every Day!

We use sunscreen everyday (almost year round). For our family we balance safety with function. We don’t like thick hard to apply formulations, so we do often use chemicals that score in the 3 & 4’s on EWG, but that make it easier to get 3 kids to apply liberally often! Here are our faves! (Affiliate links)

For a solid summer base layer ❤️

Sunscreen you can almost buy by the gallon. It looks pricey, but promo code SPFYEAH takes off 10% making it $2.40/Oz... cheaper than Think or BlueLizard. Plus the pump reduces waste. This is the #1 sunscreen used by EVERYONE in our house!

For those make up free days...

Love these silken sunscreen drops by Coola. So easy to apply and no complaints from the kids! (Though I use them the most)

For a smooth matte finish

My daughter says it’s like putting marshmallows on your face. She must mean rubbing them. Unseen sunscreen goes on clear with a non-greasy powdery matte finish

When you need a little help

With enough tint to even out color and a mineral base, Mineral Matte checks a lot of boxes, perfect for errands and it’s mineral formula puts it near the top of EWG’s list

For more coverage...

I’ve tried a billion CC creams and this is by far my favorite, starts off white and blends to tinted... since I hate the heaviness of foundation but need decent coverage, this one wins it for me!

Another great tinted option...

If I had to pick a 2nd favorite tinted option, it’s definitely Drunk Elephant (it’s hard to go wrong with ANY of their products)!

Beach all day?

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I’m a Coola junkie! This is hands down, no questions asked my favorite spray!

Don’t forget your scalp!

This one is new and I’m loving it, but I have blonde hair. I have seen feedback that it shows up on darker hair, not sure if it’s from spraying too close or the simple fact it’s zinc. Promo code SPFYEAH works for 10% off

Another scalp 👍

If you have darker hair or would prefer more of a liquid, we love the Coola Scalp Spray (my 7 year old uses it too!)

Don’t forget your lips

I’m a lip balm junkie and this is a FAVE. I especially like for the beach or pool because it’s a gloss and feels like better protection. Use code SPFYEAH for 10% off

Can’t go wrong with Fresh Sugar

Fresh sugar is an awesome year-round option... you can go clear or they have tints! Lots of options!

For the kids...

Supergoop has a new mineral kids line! What beats that? Using promo code SPFYEAH, brings the bundle down to $68.40 (with a bundle value of $104)!