Creative & Design Enthusiast

Jeremias E. Lima

Greetings! As a Multifaceted Creative Enthusiast, my motive and drive aligns with displaying my distinctive vision vicariously through throughout and purposeful experiences

I aim to highlight important lifestyle segments that are essential to me such as Hygiene & Grooming, Sustainable Clothing, Culture, and Event Planning through interior design & catering displays

Within my realm and as an outcome of my performance, I hope to inspire, empower and support individuals to push themselves with their authentic gifts and talents.

The Emanuel Experience

Capturing the Essence

Capturing the essence of individuals through photography and videography to showcase their individuality, growth and success. This experience is constructed to highlight and enhance individuals true beauty and raw essence through using a lens to tell their story whether it be photos or videos.

Photography is a great opportunity to visually and figuratively be creative. Storytelling is a great way to connect with everyone because throughout our experiences in life are lessons and memories made that many can relate and share.

Display work on main Instagram account and photography platform. Clients can book a session through a calendly link that starts off with a consultation meeting to get a sense of their vision and what they would like to envision for their experience


A special milestone for many young intellectuals is graduation day and I take on photography to capture them in such a special and particular way to have them stand out.

Celebrations & Birthdays

capturing the essence of individuals during their own life accomplishments, achievements, and special days

Professional Headshots

Headshots and Digital portraits in a sharp lens of highlighting the individual professionally to enhance their social media presence and appearance

Lifestyle Photoshoots

For clients that endure on refining their social media presence, a lifestyle photoshoot will capture the individual to help with sponsorships, partnerships, and highlighting everyday routines and signatures

Architecture & Design

Part of my exploration and journey throughout my environment is capturing the different styles and designs that inspire me. I find pleasure in going on adventures and analyzing different sites with architectural styles that are unique

Travel & Nature

Amongst my adventures in life, I enjoy capturing new sights and wonders not only for memories but also elements that appeal to my eye

Eye for Style

Presentation is Key, which also includes how you appear. I love incorporating my love for fashion into a lifestyle that allows me to try new garments, themes and ideas that can expand my taste and overall self


Though I was born a month after the year 2000 hit I love touching on styles in the decades before me to get a better feel of how society dressed and though it is different from modern day, it is very unique and something that cannot be brought back fully


Allows me to look into new trends and still put my own twist on it and that’s the importance of finding your preferences and presenting through your lens.


Ever since the pandemic began, I started to love looking into loungewear sets and garments that promoted comfort with still looking put together. Loungewear definitely an element in fashion I grew into loving that now I can look both comfortable and stylish

Health & Hygiene


Skincare & Healthy Hygiene

The narration of “Self Care”

Catering Displays

Thanksgiving Event

Created a Charcuterie Board for a Thanksgiving event for guests to enjoy various appetizer options. My vision on here was to include many food items that can give vibrant colors as well as give a calm fall feel.