Building smart financial foundations for generations to thrive, learn how i have made a residual income on autopilot

Be the pioneer for you, your family and friends, that past generations have been waiting for. “Kei a koe Te tikanga” (it’s up to you)

Nau Mai haere Mai,

Over 6 months ago my partner & I made the decision to embark on a journey to explore the world of crypto through this educational platform cashFX. As with anything new, there was great hesitancy to take any action, as it actually took us a year of observing others doing what we only thought of doing, to try and calculate indirectly perceived risks, and if we could afford to loose our investment, but here we are, 6 months in and never looked back. We have doubled our investment, have a residual income that works for us, and simply counting down the days till our retirement, this has been such an exciting and optimistic opportunity so far.

Through cashFX with a small deposit of $300USD , 4-5 years of reinvesting and the compounding effect, you will achieve a weekly income of 3k - 5k USD without lifting a finger, completely on autopilot!!!How??
By letting the pro traders trade for you in a forex market that averages $5.3 trillion dollars a day.
Follow the links below 👇 to get an in depth step by step process to getting started.

Just food for thought E Te whanau, as our banks and governments get more into debt, it forces them to either borrow or print more money, in order to pull themselves out of it, which in turn lowers the value of our currency. Hence why taxes keep going up not down, hence why every time we get a pay rise it never seems like we are getting ahead, hence why we have “inflation”. As the value of our local currencies devalue, the value of Bitcoin rises, I’d rather put my money into an investment that increases in value not the other way around.
Want to know how, Follow the links below 👇 to get started.

Key points to note:
-When buying your cashFX trading pack and your waiting for the three confirmations of your payment to go through, please don’t close the window until your get the ✅ and a confirmation email, keep the tab or window open until then.
-download the google Authenticator app from the App Store or play store before you got through all the steps, it helps when you do your 2FA ( two factor Authentication)

-this is not a get rich quick scheme you have to put in some work
-i am just an ordinary human trying to make other ordinary people “extraordinary”
-CFX is an educational platform and we are investing in a service.
-All previous returns do not guarantee future results.
-I do not know of one single person who has missed a weeks pay.
-For tax advice please speak to your accountant.
-CFX can only be accessed via browser/internet, DO NOT USE ANY CFX APP THERE IS NO CFX APP. It is not legitimate and you will lose your investment so please stick to the links below. 👇
-If you have any other questions about getting started just fire it through to my DM.

Create your own personal cashFX g-mail account here!

The first step to keeping this process straight forward is to creating a new g-mail account. make it purposely just for your cash Fx trading account, for example mine is :

CFX overview

Here’s a little video to watch, to get more of an overview on what this educational platform is about & how it can work for you. This is the very video I watched that made me decide to invest and helped me gain clarity of my vision and the Potential it has to manifest my vision sooner, I’m receiving $$ weekly on autopilot. Just as I am sharing with you, I’m very grateful for Emile and lourissa who shared with me and so many others in the same way!!!

15 mins of diving into crypto

Crypto is such a powerful concept that is has the power to over turn governments, Here’s a very informative and educational video presented by lourissa setu covering a basic overview on the kaupapa crypto, please watch just to get your head around the whole kaupapa so you are able to connect the dots more efficiently when signing up to your financial freedom.

“Whakarongo pīkari, titiro whakatau”

Set up cashFX and choose your “financial freedom” pack

Setting up your cashFX is really straight forward once you got your head around the sign up process, for me it felt bigger than just a sign up process, it was like I was just starting the course of something that will positively affect the generations to come, and that thought alone is sustenance for life.

Creating your own personal crypto wallet (instructional video)

Binance is a digital wallet that holds all your crypto money and allows you to buy Bitcoin which enables you to buy your trading packs. Here is a very good instructional video I used to setup my binance account, not anything to do with the CASHFX platform but very good to get you set up, it helps with setting up all the security measures too which is important!!!

“Whakarongo pīkari, titiro whakatau”

Start your own personal binance wallet here!!

It is alot easier to set this up on a computer or laptop just so that your screen is the same as his and your able to flick through different windows a lot easier, follow him as he goes through the setup process, if you choose to watch the video.

The link between binance & cashFX, and your beginning to financial freedom

In this video you will be shown the process of linking the two platforms; binance (where you purchase the Bitcoin to buy your trading pack) and your cashFX account.

Due dillegence

Here is a more in depth explanation of the educational platform cashFX, and just how it all works for you. This informative video can be really useful for those people who are still sitting on the fence or if you’re more of a calculated logical decision maker over following your gut and intuition.

“Creating a legacy” with the family pack strategy

The title says it all, this strategy leverages the CFX platform in a way that it gets your money to compound faster ; enabling you to gain efficiency in your returns and accomplish your financial goals a lot sooner

Click below to see how 👇👇👇

Create your own wirex card so you can spend your bitcoin

Get your own personal Wirex card here, A personal Wirex card makes all crypto and traditional currencies equal, it allows you to spend Bitcoin anywhere, just like any ordinary debit card.

Spend using your Wirex card now!!

In this educational video lourissa drops gems around a variety topics associated with the wirex card many of us are unsure about like, receiving Bitcoin, spending Bitcoin, and exchanging it.