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Leading with a Growth Mindset 🌱


My name is Jereza, I’m a 25 year old whose goal was to be free from a 9-5 job before 30, and I did that by 24. From full-time Teacher to full-time Entrepreneur leading a 7 figure team!

My passion is fuelled from helping others build a life that brings them peace and happiness, a life you love waking up to. Whatever that may look like to YOU.

All you need to do is tell me what you want for yourself, and meet me half way. It gets scary, but you’re in this for yourself but not by yourself !

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Jereza Erika • 40K Le-Vel Leader

My Thrive Experience

Before Thrive, I’ve always struggled with losing weight. I became very insecure of myself in all aspects! I hated shopping because everything I liked wouldn’t “fit me right”. I have ZERO motivation to go to the gym, or even control my eating habits.

In February 2019, I was a full-time daycare teacher and was introduced to THRIVE by 2 parents of the kids I taught in my class. I was a 3x skeptic! My 3rd time trying, I decided to stay consistent and patient that’s what I started to see results coming in.

The love I grew for the product turned into a passion for helping others. I gained so much confidence, self-love, inspiration and motivation to do so much more with my life and it all started with 3 simple steps!

My mission now is to share this LIFE CHANGING experience with everyone I encounter knowing it can help in one way or another. It would be selfish not to knowing what it can do for people !